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Hose & Connector Products

  • Custom fabrication hose and tube assemblies
  • Hydraulic, industrial, composite, Teflon in stock for same day service
  • Custom gaskets and socks
  • Made In-house
  • Metal hose fabrication
  • Conveyor belt fab and vulcanization
  • Pressure testing and tagging

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Parker Parflange ECO 25

Hydraulic Flanging and Flaring Tool


Parker's Parflange® ECO 25 provides fast, leak-free flange and flare tube connections for Seal-Lok O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) and Triple-Lok 37° Flare JIC fittings. Using an orbital spindle process, it produces high-quality, consistent flanges and flares with a smooth mating surface in less than 45 seconds. Parflange technology creates a competitive advantage through fast, consistent, and reliable leak-free connections which result in reduced costs and additional revenue.

  • Produces a high-quality flange with smooth mating surface (up to 1 ½" OD), eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming brazing of the sleeve to the tube end.
  • Dies have the flanging (90°) surface on one side and the flaring (37°) surface on the other, allowing the die to both flange and flare the same size tubing.
  • Adjustable tube wall stop allows one die to work for all wall thicknesses of that size tube in both steel and stainless steel.
  • Portable bench or cart mounted machine.
  • Flanges and flares steel and stainless steel tube from ¼" up to 1 ½" OD.
  • Also flanges stainless steel coiled tube sizes common in CNG applications.

Download Parflange ECO25 Brochure

Parflange ECO25

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