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LinMot Servo Drives

LinMot Servo Drives

LinMot's wide range of drive products allow simple integration, basic and technology functions, monitoring and control, high-end applications, and multi-axis operations. 


LinMot Magsprings

The LinMot MagSpring products can be described as "magnetic springs". MagSpring components generate a constant force over their entire working range, while the characteristic curve for a typical mechanical spring shows an increase in force with increasing displacement. 

LinMot is focused on the development, production, and distribution of linear motor systems for the automation industry. As the world's leading manufacturer of direct-drive, industrial tubular linear servo motors, LinMot has gained a reputation for its high quality Swiss standards, high-speed delivery, and long service life. 

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LinMot also manufactures linear motors, linear rotary motors, guided actuators, servo drives, and MagSprings. 

Linear Motors

LinMot's lines of industrial linear motors feature a direct drive system which eliminates the need for belts, screws, cams, or gears. LinMot's unique design provides complete motor control and reduces maintenance needs. 

  • High-Performance Linear Motors - LinMot's high-performance linear motors have the same package dimensions as the standard versions at a significantly higher level of performance. They feature an increased force of 50% and an increased top speed of 20%.
  • Stainless Steel Motors - LinMot's stainless steel motors are ideal for use with harsh chemicals, high-pressure wash down processes, and many other aggressive environments.
  • High Force - 3 Phase Motors - LinMot's 3 phase motors extend the product range with larger and more powerful actuators producing up to 560 lbs of peak force. 

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LinMot Linear Motors 2

LinMot Linear Motors 3

Linear Rotary Motors

LinMot's strive to meet customer requests for an innovative and unique new product lead to the release of the linear rotary motor. With two axes of movement in a single, compact assembly, LinMot's linear rotary motors can achieve either independent or synchronized motion by combining individually controlled linear and rotary servo motors. 

LinMot Linear Rotary Motors

Guided Actuators

  • LinMot's F Guides are moving stator applications with tubular linear motors. The mechanical design utilizes a special aluminum profile and a high precision profile rail guide is attached for smooth operation.
  • LinMot's H Guides are compact guide units with integrated ball bearings for operating linear motors with standard or heavy duty sliders
  • LinMot's B Guides are compact guide units with integrated ball bearings for operating linear motors with high-clearance sliders. 

LinMot Guided Actuators

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