• On-Site Inventory Management

  • Mobile Hose & Fitting Fabrication Center

  • Mobile Hose Kart

  • Vending Machine System

Inventory Management System

Breadman Program

Inventory levels, frequency of visits, and procedures are all conducted with the goal of reducing the cost of ownership for the customer and to eliminate downtime. All Breadmen are Certified Connector Specialists, capable of providing in-depth technical assistance.

Services included in Breadman Program:

  • Training/technical assistance for a wide range of products and equipment

  • Schedule tailored to customer inventory requirements

  • Inventory continually monitored

  • Detailed usage reports provided

  • Items organized in a detailed labeling bin system

  • Standardization of hose and fittings greatly reduces the possibility of a hose assembly error

Bin Labels with a Purpose!

Picture of item, description, your part number/barcode and more.

Vending Machine System

This vending system tracks, manages, and controls critical supplies and materials at Point-of-Work. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance in remote and factory environments.


  • Reduce consumption

  • Daily customized reports automatically generated

  • Reduce inventory

  • Increase uptime

AHP offers 24 hour technical support & a solution to your inventory needs!

Hose and Fitting Fabrication Center

Features of the container:

  • Heavy duty container can stand up to the harshest conditions

  • Ideal for locations where access is limited or restricted

  • Designed for remote sites, mines and underground/off shore construction

  • Fully customizable inventory to fit customers needs

  • Easily transported by roll back tow truck

  • Free in-house training course conducted at our facility in Louisville, KY

  • On-site training is available subject to location

Parker Kart

  • Organizes and stores necessary Parker hoses, fittings, power and hand tools

  • Saves on downtime and labor costs

  • Eliminates errors in cutting and fitting attachments

  • Easy one-man movement

  • Forklift carry tubes

  • Electric receptacle with cord

  • Fitting bins and drawers

  • Large bin drawer

  • Four hose reel holders

  • Choice of Parker crimping equipment

  • Optional accessories available

Parker Kart can be customized to fit specific assembly needs!

Core Product

  • Hose and Fittings

  • Safety

  • Abrasives

  • Cables and sensors

  • Fasteners

Hose Doctor

Trained professionals come to your site with fully stocked trucks to identify, diagnose and replace hose assemblies on hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Plus they’re available anytime, day or night, for any of your service and repair and professional advice you need, so that your downtime doesn’t last a long time.


  • Preventative maintenance

  • Equipment repair

  • Leak Detection

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