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Featured Product: 

LINTRA® Rodless Cylinder

 Norgren Rodless Cylinder

LINTRA® Rodless Cylindersare light weight and high-strength cylinders made with an aluminum extrusion with integral switch and machine mounting grooves for versatility. 

Norgren Accessories

Norgren Accessories 

In need to accessories to go with your actuators? Norgren can provide them!

  • Groove Keys
  • Rod Clevis Assemblies
  • SS Mounting Nuts
  • Brackets

The IMI Norgren brand includes a wide range of high quality pneumatic and flow control products such as actuators, air preparation products, pressure switches, fittings, and valves. 

Norgren Logo

With over 80 years industrial experience, Norgren is broad in range and specialist in nature. 

Air Preparation

Norgren firmly believes that correct air preparation is essential for the nest performance of your compressed air system. This is why they have a great reputation for their air preparation solutions. 

  • Combination Units - these box sets pull together in an ready-to-go assembly that has all the elements needed for efficient air preparation. 
  • Filter Regulators -these regulators are high quality adjustable filter regulators that can eliminate problems due to poor air quality.
  • Filters -general purpose and oil removal filters. 
  • Lubricators -provide lubrication of downstream equipment and extend the life of pneumatic equipment. 
  • Pressure Regulators -pilot-operated or special purpose regulators for a wide variety of industrial applications. 
  • Pressure Relief Valves -designed to protect compressed air system from over pressurization. 
  • Soft Start Dump Valves -allow for a controlled increase of downstream pressure on initial start up. 


Valve Manifolds- commonly used on machine installations to reduce assembly and downtime and provide easier fault diagnosis. 

Manual Valves -manual operators can be fitted into control panels, and the mechanical heads are strong for industrial use. 

Norgren Valves

Safety Valves - provide peace of mind in the working environment. 

KIP Fluid Control Valves -solenoid valves that are used to control liquids and gases.

Norgren Valve Manifolds

Pneumatic Actuators and Cylinders

Norgren's pneumatic actuators are used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. They offer one of the most comprehensive lines of actuators that include: NFPA cylinders, ISO cylinders, roundline cylinders, compact cylinders, rodless cylinders, and stainless steel cylinders. 

Norgren Pneumatic Actuators and Cylinders

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