HERION has become an expert in hydraulic components and safety technology with over 50 years experience. With an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, HERION continues to develop groundbreaking products that meet the needs of their customers. From solenoid valves to pressure switches, HERION offers comprehensive solutions for any hydraulic or pneumatic application. In addition to their hydraulic component offerings, HERION has a wide range of safety technology for a variety of applications. HERION's products are ideal for applications in the Defense Technology, Medical Technology, Mobile Hydraulics, Power Plant Engineering, and Safety Technology fields.

Featured Products

Hydraulic Power Packs and Units

HERION designs, develops, and manufactures hydraulic solutions to fit your applications. Designs can include simple power packs to large-scale hydraulic units.

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HERION systems

HERION offers custom made solutions based on customer inquiry. Their customized systems are not "off-the-shelf" products, so they are truly made to fulfill your unique application.

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Hydraulic Components

HERION's hydraulic components includes a wide array of products to fit specific applications. Here are some of HERION's available hydraulic components:

  • Electronic Components -includes digital amplifier cards, plug-in type amplifiers, and drive electronics.
  • Hydraulic Sandwich Valves -includes 2 way flow valves, check and differential valves, double throttle check valves, mounting devices, piloted check valves, pressure relief valves, and sequence valves.
  • Hydraulic Actuators -includes cylinder-type actuators with different features depending on the application. They can be double-acting, have end-to-end piston rods, or even include a permanent magnet.
  • Hydraulic Valves - includes flow control valves, directional control valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, proportional vavles, and throttle valves.
  • Pressure Switches - includes a variety of different kinds of pressure switches.

Press and Safety Technology

HERION believes that responsibility and safety are of utmost importance, which lead them to the development of their press and safety technology products. HERION specifically designed a complete control system for clutches and brakes in order to help reduce the incidence of mechanical malfunctions. However, their safety technology products also include overload protection, safety valves, and cylinders for ram weight compensation.