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Parker Hannifin Pneumatics Division is the leader in innovative solutions for air control valves, filters, pressure regulators, lubricators, actuators and pneumatic cylinders. Parker Pneumatic Division offers many solutions for a wide arrange of markets and technologies. Our products and e-tools can help your operations run safer, smoother and more efficient while also reducing downtime.



Parker has a variety of durable actuators and cylinders to meet any application need. Constructed of high quality, corrosion-resistant material, Parker’s Linear Air Cylinders meet rapidly changing application demands. Parker’s Guided Cylinders are designed for heavy duty and extreme linear motion applications. Parker’s Rodless Cylinders, including the Parker-Origa System Plus (OSP), offer flexible linear drives which can be simply and neatly integrated into any machine layout. From the P1X Series compact, high speed, nolubrication cylinder to the complete OSP linear system with guidance and control modules; Parker has the Rodless Cylinder to suit the exact needs of individual installations.

Pneumatic NFPA Cylinder - 4MA Series

The 4MA is a ruggedly constructed all purpose cylinder. The aluminum body and end caps make the 4MA a light weight solution. With 8 bore sizes, 20 NFPA mounting styles, and a variety of specials and options it's highly configurable and easily adaptable.

P1P Series
  • Proven seal design and materials throughout the cylinder. The expertise for seal technology within Parker Hannifin is the basis for leading and proven technology solutions for all our pneumatic actuators.
  • Body extrusion in anodized aluminum with extra fine and hard internal surface for optimum operational conditions.
  • End covers and body extrusion with external anodization for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel piston rod for versatile use in corrosive environment.
  • The P1P Series is a complete range of ISO 21287 compact cylinders developed to meet the highest requirements for quality and performance. The careful design in every detail provides first class function and service life properties
P1D Series

Entirely new, the innovative P1D Series is the new generation of ISO/VDMA cylinders from Parker Hannifin. The cylinders are double-acting, with a new design of air cushioning. The light, stiff body extrusion has sensor grooves for simple and protected sensor installation. Even more functions and variants The P1D Series is available with all the usual optional designs, such as: Through piston rod, high temperature, hydraulic operation, extended piston rod, etc. P1D ISO Series Cylinder Catalogue

P1F Series

The P1F Series meets the specifications of the ISO 15552 standard. This means full interchangeability to any ISO cylinder anywhere around the globe

  • Smooth profile or tie-rods design
  • Bore sizes 32 - 125 mm
  • Corrosion resistant design with end plates and barrel in sandblast and anodized aluminum
  • Magnetic piston standard
  • Polyurethane seal technology inside
  • Cushioning stainless steel screws on same side
  • New adjustable pneumatic and mechanical cushioning system reduces the noise caused by the impact of the piston on the end covers (standard)
  • Full range of mountings available
  • Full range of ‘drop-in’ sensors available
Pneumatic Compact Cylinder – LP Series

The LP is a heavy duty tie-rod constructed compact cylinder. This space saving, inch-based option offers various special capabilities. The LPM Series is an available option when piston position sensing is required.

lp series


Parker valves cover the broadest range of market applications, from 10mm solenoid pilots for use in the semiconductor market, to 1-1/2” ported, hi-flow 4-way valves for foundries and paper mills. Utilizing technology such as the Wear Compensated Spool design, a wide range of network connectivity and collective wired control electronics, and specialized machining and thermoplastics, Parker offers value and quality on the leading edge of technology. Our transportation product offering includes valves that can operate in extreme temperatures, manual mechanical valves for transmission and trailer applications, and suspension control systems.


The Moduflex series is an air piloted stacking valve. Functions are 4/2, 3/2, and dual 3/2. S series, T series, and V series wiring configurations. V series collective wiring- 20 and 25 pin Dsub, Devicenet, Profibus DP, CANopen, Interbus-S, and ASi.

H-Series ISO

Parker push-to-connect and barb full flow profile fittings for water applications are suitable for water, potable liquids, and neutral gas applications. They offer high chemical resistance to such things as chlorine, cleaning agents, and UV.Made of an engineered polymer for superior mechanical strength and chemical resistance, Parker ball valves offer an innovative design for maximum capability and optimum performance. Parflex Series EA antimicrobial PE tubing is specially formulated with Sanitized? to resist degradation from mildew, algeae, fungi and biofilm that can accumulate on the inside and outside of tubing in filling and processing applications.

  • The H Series ISO valve conforms to international standards 15407 and 5599, providing maximum flexibility for end users. As Parker’s premier manifold mount product offering, H Series ISO offers machine builders a complete offering with a wide variety of accessories and options in a valve family with flow ranges from 0.55 Cv up to 6.0 Cv.
  • HB/HA/H1/H2/H3 can be mounted on the same manifold.
  • Individual wiring is available with DIN or central connectors, and collective solutions offer installation time savings with either multi-pin connectors or network solutions.