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Eaton's EASY Programmable Relays

Eaton easy programmable relays

Eaton's EASY programmable relays combine timers, relays, counters, special functions, inputs and outputs into one compact device that is easily programmed. They provide an exceptional level of flexibility together with substantial savings of commissioning time and effort

EASY500 Series is ideal for controlling small applications with up to 12 I/O signals. Models are available with and without displays.

EASY700 Series controls medium-sized applications with 20 I/O points (expandable to 40 I/O points).

EASY800 Series controls large-scale applications with 20 points, expandable to 40 points locally, and expandable using the EASY-NET network up to 320 I/O points. Models are available with and without displays.

ELC Modular PLC

Eaton ELC modular PLC

At less than half the size of most programmable logic controllers, the ELC Modular Controllers are an ideal solution when space is at a premium and there are specialized I/O needs.

Any number of expansion modules can be added to create up to 256 I/O. Communication modules allow information sharing with networked devices.

Global Plus Cord Sets

Eaton global plus cord sets

A broad range of robust connectivity options for industrial sensors and other devices. Mini-, micro- and nano cables in various lengths, wire gauges and jacket materials handle any machine application.

Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end electrical solutions including distribution, generation, and quality control equipment and full-scale engineering and support services. Eaton manufactures a full basket of automation and control products. Included in this offering are sensing and monitoring relays, operator interface, Power controls, variable frequency drives and programmable logic controllers.

Eaton logo

Sensors and Limit Switches

Eaton has a wide range of sensing options for any application- from sophisticated noncontact sensing solutions to rugged mechanically actuated switches.

Photoelectric Sensors

Eaton provides a full line of robust products for virtually any industrial photoelectric sensing application.

Inductive Proximity Sensors

A broad range of inductive sensor detects metallic objects without requiring physical contact with the targets to be sensed

Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Self-contained sensors that detect both metallic and nonmetallic targets. They are a great solution for liquid level control and sensing powdered or granulated materials.

Eaton sensor and limit switches

Mechanical Limit Switches

Mechanical limit switches offer high precision due to the fact that physical contact is made with the target.

Conveyor Sensors

Eaton's Conveyor Sensors are designed to help prevent product damage and mishandling caused by outdated mechanical sensor rollers.


Connector cables and multi-connector blocks provide a variety of solutions for connecting sensors to a control system.


Eaton's Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are microprocessor-based devices used to control industrial processes or machines. They provide advanced functions, including analog monitoring, control and high speed motion control as well as share data over communication networks.

EASY Programmable Relays

Eaton's EASY Programmable Relays combine timers, relays, counters, special functions, inputs and outputs into one compact device that is easily programmed.

ELC Series PLC

The Eaton Logic Controllers (ELCs) are small and feature-rich. An abundance of module options allow users to specify their ELC solution so that it is "just right," satisfying requirements and saving space, time and money.

XC Series High Performance PLCs

The XC100 and XC200 series modular PLCs stand out on account of their highly scalable design, their ability to be integrated in modern communication systems and their high performance features.

Eaton PLCs

XV Series HMI-PLCs

XV Series of operator interface and Controller Development Software (CoDeSys) incorporates programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality and integrates directly with the Eaton SmartWire-DT system

XI/ON Remote I/O

XI/ON is designed for decentralized signal processing and provides intelligent, adaptable I/O for applications across industries.


Eaton's electronic operator interfaces (OI) offer control, reduce downtime and increase efficiency while being easy to install, modify and use. The features, hardware design, development software and high quality provide the best value on the market.

ELC Graphic Panels

ELC Graphics Panels are low cost operator interfaces that are ideal for applications needing basic machine monitoring and control.


HMi is the workhorse of the industry. The units feature touchscreen and function buttons to suit all environments and applications. They range in screen size and color to fit available space and application needs

XV and XP Series

Eaton's XV and XP Series of operator interfaces offer high performance platforms that provide unmatched flexibility. Features slim OEM design, a variety of communication port options that include onboard Ethernet on all models

Eaton HMIs


Eaton's PanelMate Operator Interfaces are a cost-efficient, easy-to-integrate alternative to traditional hardwired operator panels in control systems.

Power & Control

Eaton offers the protection your system needs against equipment failure and danger caused by Power and Control voltage faults, current conditions or excessive load requirements with a broad portfolio that includes everything from phase, voltage and current monitoring relays to motor protection breakers.

  • Contactors, starters and protective relays
  • Distribution and termination
  • Power conversion and management
  • Relays & timers

Eaton power and control

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives adjust a motor's speed to closely match output requirements, resulting in a typical energy savings of 10 to 50 percent.

OEM Drives

Specifically designed for use in OEM applications, these drives offer significant energy savings in addition to space-saving designs and programmable features.

HVAC Drives

These ultra-efficient drives offer flexibility and adaptability for many HVAC applications.

Industrial Drives

Eaton has the variable frequency drive solution to fit the needs of industrial systems providing reliability, efficiency and precise motor control.

Eaton variable frequency drives

Low Harmonic & Clean Power Solutions

Eaton's clean power drives significantly reduce line harmonics at the drive input terminals and provide some of the purest sinusoidal waveforms available.

FAZ-NA Miniature Circuit Breakers

Eaton's reliable ULT 489 FAZ-NA-L 240 Vac circuit breakers provide you cost savings and ease of installation in branch circuit protection applications. With an advanced design, the FAZ-NA-L 240 Vac offering increases your flexibility.

The FAZ-NA-L Vac leverages the same form and fit as the existing family of UL 489 FAZ-NA circuit breakers, making it compatible with the same accessories. 

Current-limiting design provides fast short-circuit interruption, reducing the let-through energy that can damage the circuit. The compact design provides space savings in the panel, while its robust design has been endurance tested for more than 20,000 operations for the UL 489 breakers, and more than 10,000 operations for the UL 1077 breakers. Additional options for ring-tongue connection - separate version available (Type FAZ-RT or FAZ-RT-L). 

  • Complete line of DIN rail mounted miniature circuit breakers
  • UL 489 for branch circuit device protection
  • UL 1077 for supplementary protection
  • Globally rated UL and IEC circuit breakers

Download the Datasheet HERE!

Eaton miniature circuit breakers

C22 and C30 compact pushbuttons with Pigtail

C22 compact pushbuttons share the same sleek design as our M22 modular pushbuttons but are designed with ?monoblock? construction. Contact blocks are built in to each device without the need to purchase or assemble separate back-of-panel components.

The convenient, all-in-one C22 with pigtail integrates the required cable, connector and housing in one single device. The high degrees of protection in the front (up to IP69K) and at the back (IP65) of these devices make the perfect choice for applications in which oil-tight protection from dirt or liquids is required.

Eaton?s modern all-in-one C30 compact 30 mm pilot devices with pigtail integrate the required cable, connectorand housing in one single device.

The high degree of protection in the front (up to IP69K) and at the back (IP65) of these devices make them the perfect choice for applications in which oil-tight protection from dirt or liquids is required. C22 with pigtail is available with cable lengths of 20 cm, 50 cm, 1 m, and 3.5 m with pre-configured cable connections (M12 and M8 plugs) or unterminated flying leads.

  • Up to IP69K ratings in the front and IP65 in the back ensure that the pushbuttons can be installed next to control panels as well as directly inside machine rooms.
  • Compact design for space-savings as well as easy plug-and-play installation
  • Illuminated LED pushbuttons rated for non-stop light emission for over 100,000 hours

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