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Zebra?s Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision solutions empower you to easily set up, deploy and run the processes that drive your business. Zebra Aurora powerful interface makes it easy to set up, deploy and run all of Zebra?s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Smart Cameras, while eliminating the need for different applications.

V20 Machine Vision Smart Sensor


The compact VS20 fits wherever you need to perform essential quality inspections. Multiple connectivity options easily integrate into your PLC or Host network, enabling your primary machine vision applications to feed all the processes that drive your business. With Zebra Aurora?s powerful software platform, you can easily set up, deploy and run the VS20 ? and all other Zebra Machine Vision Smart Cameras and Fixed Industrial Scanners.

zebra v20

VS40 Machine Vision Smart Camera


The VS40 offers the breadth of functionality and options required to support just about every inspection application on the production line. Tailor the device to your needs by choosing from flexible options that include lenses, illumination, connectivity, power and filters. Plus, you can upgrade to more advanced features with the simple purchase of a software license. 

zebra vs40

VS70 Machine Vision Smart Scanner


Achieve flawless quality inspection in any environment. Customize your VS70 by choosing from four image sensors and a world of C-mount external lens and lighting options. Address complex imaging needs to make even the most challenging items easy to inspect. Add advanced features at any time with the simple purchase of licenses.

zebra vs70

Aurora Software


Zebra Aurora software is a unified platform to set up, deploy and run industrial machine vision and faxed scanner portfolio. Zebra Aurora brings a new level of elegance and simplicity to controlling enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics automation solutions. With this simple but powerful interface, it?s easy to set up, deploy and run Zebra?s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Smart Cameras, eliminating the need for different tools and reducing training and deployment time.

zebra aurora

Adaptive Vision Software

Adaptive Vision Studio is the most powerful machine vision software. It is based on data-flow and comes with a comprehensive set of image analysis filters. 


Adaptive Vision Library is a modern C++ and .NET library created for industrial image analysis applications. There are over 1000 functions for general image processing as well as high level tools for such tasks as template matching, measurements or code reading


Deep Learning Add-onis an additional set of ready-made tools based on deep neural networks. Deep Learning Add-on is a breakthrough technology for machine vision. It is a set of five ready-made tools which are trained with 20-50 sample images, and which then detect objects, defects or features automatically. Internally it uses large neural networks designed and optimized by our research team for use in industrial vision systems.

adaptive vision software

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