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Swivellink Camera Mounts

Swivellink was originally known for their camera mounts. The mounts have changed over time along with the vision industry, becoming smaller and more flexible while maintaining the rigidity needed for a variety of applications.

The Standard Series 

Swivellink Standard Products

Swivellink's standard series includes both imperial and metric mounting products, including: 

  • Standard Ball Bases
  • Standard Knuckles
  • Standard Tee Knuckles
  • Ball Adapters
  • Standard Links
  • Standard Tee Links

Swivellink is the mounting solution. With their innovative and ergonomic designs, Swivellink has utilized their mounting designs to create flexible adapter plates and camera mounts. 

Swivellink Logo

Swivellink products are now used for hundreds of different applications in a variety of industries, including mounting: vision systems, cycle start buttons, sensors, lights, robot applications, and part fixtures. 

EOAT Robot Plates

Swivellink provides 3 different EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) plates to assist in robotic applications, including:

  • AFSB-100-EOAT - Mounts to the robot as well as to aluminum 1.5" and 1" series extrusions vertically and horizontally. 
  • AFSB-101-ISO 50 - Designed specifically to fit the ISO 50 robot mounting pattern. 
  • AFSB-101-M6X4-50 - Designed to mount to the UR3, UR5, and UR10 universal robot.

Swivellink EOAT Circular Robot PlateSwivellink EOAT Square Robot Plate

Vision Lighting Series

Swivellink's Vision Lighting Series pairs well with Cognex products and includes a variety of different solutions for use with the wide variety of vision products offered in today's growing vision industry. Swivellink solutions can be used with:  

  • Smart Vision Brick Lights
  • EZ Smart Vision Lights
  • Smart Vision L300
  • Smart Vision HPIA Lights

Swivellink Vision Lights Series

XS Series

  • Being XS (extra small) doesn't make this series any weaker! Made to fit compact and shrinking vision systems, the XS series is much smaller in form but maintains the rigidity needed to be a successful solution in a variety of applications. This series features all of the same mounting products as the standard series in both imperial and metric measurements. 
  • Standard Ball Bases
  • Standard Knuckles
  • Standard Tee Knuckles
  • Ball Adapters
  • Standard Links
  • Standard Tee Links

Swivellink XS Series

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