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Pushbutton Switch

Fuji Electric Pushbutton Switch 

These switches are compact, reliable, long-lasting, and bright finger-sized push buttons. Their compact and bright design makes them more user-friendly. 
ALL Fuji Switches are UL, CSA, and TUV approved. 

Need Solutions?

Fuji Electric Solutions

Fuji's HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions include exceptional features such as remote monitoring capabilities, connectivity to poplular PLCs, and 8 field bus options. 

Fuji Electric Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., and is a global leader in manufacturing industrial products ranging from semiconductors, HMIs, power supply, and power generation to AC drives and power systems. Fuji continues to expand their product offerings with the expanding technology of the 21st century. 

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Power Distribution and Control

Fuji's Distribution and control products provide high-performance distribution and control devices that are ideal for applications in factory automation, manufacturing applications, and building automation. Fuji maintains strict quality guidelines in order to ensure reliability and longevity of their products.

  • Contactors and Overload Relays
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Command Switches
  • Manual Motor Starters

Fuji Electric Power Distribution and Control

VFD Inverters / AC Drives

Fuji variable-frequency drives (VFDs)are adjustable speed drives that use electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque. These VFD inverters are high-performance and offer automated control over motor operations and operating speeds for a variety of drive applications.  

Fuji's AC Drivesoperate at optimal speeds throughout your application, which reduces power consumption and minimizes operation costs. Applications for these drives include conveyor systems, pumps, fans, and HVAC. Fuji's AC Drives come in over 10 different designs to best fit your application, including:

  • HVAC
  • EcoPUMP
  • Mini
  • MEGA

Fuji Electric VFD Inverters

Power Supplies

Fuji offers OEM power supply systems to help keep data centers and similar facilities running smoothly and reliably without interruptions. Fuji's power supply options include high-end servers and large storage systems. 

Fuji Electric Power Supplies

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