Werma signal devices ensure that the working environment is safe and processes efficient - whether on machines or within process systems, in the factory, in the office, or in public spaces. From signal towers, beacons and warning lights to sounders, buzzers and horns, WERMA optical and audible and explosion proof signal devices warn and protect people throughout the world.


Signal Towers

Professional signaling provides your application with greater safety and security, and considerably reduces response times and wait times. Various signaling levels enable employees to react promptly to faults and rectify problems more quickly.

Modular Signal Towers

WERMA signal towers offer endless combinations of optical and acoustic accessories through the modular design of the product. A simple bayonet mechanism incorporating electrical connection enables the user to assemble a tower quickly and simply.

Pre-assembled Signal Towers

Pre-assembled one-piece signal towers may be selected and order with just one part number, reducing complexity of ordering and installation. Using LEDs they offer life of typically up to 50,000 hours.


Audible Signal Devices

The audible products from WERMA give clear and loud acoustic warning. High quality and robust designs are available with a wide range of different tones and volume. The range includes buzzers, electromechanical buzzers, sirens, multi-tone devices, horns, bells and gongs.



Process-Optimization Systems

StockSAVER makes third-generation Kanban a reality in production logistics. This simple retrofit solution for all FIFO shelving solves all typical Kanban problems, creates considerably more room for value-adding tasks in Production and increases cash flow. StockSAVER allows automated material requisition, which eliminates human errors and thus makes the previously required safety stocks superfluous.

With SmartMONITOR (for manufacturing) and AndonSPEED (for shipping logistics), you can identify weak spots immediately. To discover the hidden potential in your manufacturing, logistics or shipping business, you need a system that measures unproductive time – whether it be at manual workstations, shipping workstations or in automated production.