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Universal Robots is a leading innovator in the field of industrial automation and easy-to-use robotic systems. Our mission is to empower change in the way work is done using our leading-edge robotics platform. We strive to produce groundbreaking technologies that move people, industries, and the world forward.


Robot Arms


The ultra flexible Universal Robots UR3 delivers high-precision accuracy for smaller production environments. The UR3 can modulate payloads of up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs).

Designed for shorter reach environments, the UR3 has a reach radius of 500 mm (19.7 in) - allowing it to be deployed in tight spaces and add value to virtually any production environment. The UR3 also has InfiniteSpin? on the last joint, allowing you to use it for screwing tasks without having to add additional devices.

Download UR3 Datasheet


The UR5is a 6-axis robot arm with a working radius of 850 mm / 33.5 in and a payload of 5 kp (11 lbs). With a weight of 18 kilos, the UR5 can easily be moved around in production and used in many different instances.

The UR robots can work collaboratively right alongside employees due to the build-in force-sensing, causing the robots to automatically stop operating when they encounter obstacles in their route. The robot can be programmed to operate in reduced mode when a person enters the work zone.

Download UR5 Datasheet


The UR20 is built for higher payloads, faster speeds, and superior motion control all within a lightweight, small footprint system for optimal versatility within your existing production space. No special electrical hookups or costly wiring solutions are required. Even with the big step up in performance, a single-phase standard power outlet is all that’s needed to power the UR20.

With a 1750 mm reach and 20 kg payload capacity, UR’s next generation cobot handles more tasks, fits more applications, and assists in more environments than ever before.

Download UR20 Datasheet


The UR30 can lift heavy payloads while maintaining a compact footprint in a collaborative setting. With a 30 kg lifting capacity and a 1300 mm reach this robot can tend larger machines, palletize heavy products, and effectively support high torque screw driving.

Building off the same architecture as the UR20, the UR30 offers extraordinary lift in a compact footprint with superior motion control ensuring the perfect placement of large payloads. With the ability to handle higher torque, the UR30 opens the door for precise screw driving and the 30 kg payload brings productivity to everything from machine tending with multiple grippers to palletizing heavy parts.

Download UR30 Datasheet


Robot Arms E Series

With the e-Series you can unpack, mount and program your cobot in less than an hour with no special electrical requirements. Built with the future in mind, the UR e-Series is designed to grow in capability alongside your business, a spring board to improve product quality and productivity, so you will always be able to stay ahead of competition. Equipped with intuitive programming, versatile use an an almost endless list of opportunities for add-ons, the e-Series is able to complement production regardless of your industry, company size, or product nature.

  • 0.03mm repeatability on UR3e/UR5e, UR10e 0.05mm
  • Built in Force/Torque sensor
  • New Control Box and Teach Pendant Design
  • New programming software that is even easier

Small but powerful, the UR3e has a payload of 3kgs and reach radius of 500mm. With 360 degree rotation on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint, this table-top cobot handles high precision tasks and light assembly tasks with ease.

Download UR3e Tech Sheet


The medium-sized member of the Universal Robots family is ideal for automating low-weight processing tasks with its 5kgs payload and 850mm reach radius. Easy to program and fast to set up, the UR5e strikes the balance between size and power.

Download UR5e Tech Sheet


With the ability to automate tasks up to 12kgs with no compromise in precision, the UR10e is the Universal Robots' family's most powerful robot. A reach radius of 1300mm also enables it to carry out tasks like packaging and palletizing in facilities where there is a larger distance between different operating areas.

user friendly and intuitive teach pendant allow operators to program a cobot by moving its arms to the desired waypoints, or simply using drag-and-drop functions on a touchscreen tablet.

Download UR10e Tech Sheet



UR+ Solutions

Universal Robots+ is an online showroom that provides cutting-edge products to customize a UR robot application that perfectly meets your requirements.

UR+ Solutions

The Hand-E Gripper allows you to start production faster. Its Plug + Play integration adapts quickly to parts of various shapes and sizes and is suited for a variety of different applications.

Robot Guidance

Create a vision guided robot application in minutes with SICK 2D vision! The SICK Inspector URCap software provides an easy integration between the Universal Robot and a SICK Inspector PIM60 2D vision sensor.

Gripper Integraton

The PHD Pneu-Connect™, a cost-effective pneumatic end-effector system providing seamless integration for Universal Robots that utilizes standard PHD pneumatic grippers.

Robot Guidance with SICK Inspector

Create a vision guided robot application in minutes with SICK 2D vision!

The SICK Inspector URCap software provides an easy integration between the Universal Robot and a SICK Inspector PIM60 vision sensor.

View the live image from the sensor, calibrate and align the sensor, choose reference object and get pick-point positions, all from the Universal Robot's teach pendant. In addition to outputting pick-points in the robot's coordinate system, the Inspector PIM60 enables inspection and measurement tasks for pass/fail-criteria or trending.

  • Screwdriving
  • Pick and Place
  • CNC
  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • Quality Inspection
  • Lab Analysis and Testing
  • Machine Tending
UR+ Solutions


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Missing a description!
Cobots from Universal Robots give you flexible automation, workforce, and production!
Light-Weight Table-Top Cobots can work beside humans!