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80/20, known as "The Industrial Erector Set"©, is a modular T -slotted aluminum framing system offered in both inch and metric profiles. It offers extremely cost-efficient solutions to building machine frames, guards, work stations, retrofit projects and more... basically anything ... and we do it all right here at Air Hydro Power! We maintain extensive product inventories and provide in-house services including in-depth CAD support and building complete value-added assemblies.

80/20's modularity is based upon the T-slot concept of our profiles. The "T" shaped slots present on all of our profiles allow for infinite positioning along the axis. While there are other types of T-slotted profiles in the industry, one modification to the 80/20 line is a slight adjustment to the "T" which creates the 2° Drop-Lock Feature. When a fastener is tightened to (or beyond) the necessary torque, the flange will flex up to the adjoining profile, thus creating pressure which prevents the fasteners from vibrating loose.

Some of the Benefits of 80/20 Framing Products:

  • No welding - no fighting heat stress or warping
  • No painting
  • Light weight
  • Easy to machine
  • Much less engineering time is required
  • Only simple hand tools are needed for assembly
  • No expensive fabricating equipment is required
  • Frames easily re-configured for design changes
  • Great aesthetic appearance


Sneeze Guards

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards Provide Cashier and Customer Protection

A part of new initiatives to keep customers and employees safe from the novel coronavirus, many grocery stores are installing plexiglass guards at registers to ensure protection between the cashier and customer.Since it?s impossible to follow the CDC-recommended 6 feet of separation in the checkout lane, the guards are intended to minimize the risk of potentially spreading the virus between cashier and customer.

AHP Plexiglass Guards are available in 3 standard sizes for QUICK delivery.Custom sizes are available to meet your specific requirements. All prices shown are based on purchasing a quantity of 10. Available in Kit form or fully assembled

Model: AHP-2113 (Sneeze-Guard-36x24)


Kits -$174.30 each

Assembled -$281.00 each

Model: AHP-2114 (Sneeze-Guard-48x36)


Kits - $208.95 each

Assembled - $331.00 each

Model: AHP-2115 (Sneeze-Guard-60x48)


Kits - $266.57 each

Assembled - $416.00 each


Custom Workstations


A workstation must enhance safety and eliminate waste to support lean initiatives and transform businesses capabilities. Designing the proper workstation is imperative to achieving an optimal manufacturing system.

Build your lean, customized workspace with 80/20 T-slot profiles, panels, parts and accessories. Our wide variety of products means you can create work areas for the home or office that accommodate your people and your processes. T-slot profiles and parts are also modular to allow for expansion and change down the road.

Black Anodized Profiles


80/20 has expanded their stock of black anodized profiles. With over 1,000 items in the black anodize line, 80/20 makes it easy to design your custom project. Choose from architectural or organic anodizing processes; both meet Military Spec 8625. Black anodize is ideal for low reflective projects, photo booths, military applications and vision systems. It adds a sleek look to any project and is commonly used in furniture and displays because of its aesthetic appearance.

By stocking these materials and machining them AFTER the anodize process, we can offer significant savings and faster turnaround times.

Why should you choose black anodized for your next project:

  • Adds a great looking aesthetic finish
  • Blends into the background
  • Decreased light reflectivity
  • Same added protection to the aluminum
  • Hides marks and scuffs