Shimpo Drives, Inc. is a leading manufacturer/supplier of quality industrial drive products.Shimpo Drives provides reliable drive products for the industry's toughest applications. Their expansive product line ranges from 1/8 to 60 hp with ratios from 1.5:1 to 5041:1.

Featured Products

NEW EJ Series

The EJ Series servo grade gearheads are ideal for challenging motion control applications requiring an efficient, quiet and smooth running drive.

The EJ series is well suited for applications within the metal forming and general automation industries, but is also offered in a variety of wash down options to meet the demands of the food & beverage market.

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VRSF Series

The Able Gear Reducer is the perfect solution for servomotor applications such as packaging machines, gantries, injection molding machines, pick and place, and linear slides.Offered in concentric shaft, right angle solid shaft, and right angle hollow shaft designs with modular adaptor flanges and keyless compressible bushings to easily mount to any manufacturer's servo motor. The VRSF Series helical gears have slanted teeth compared to spur gears with straight cut teeth, producing a smoother gear mesh, yielding significantly lower noise levels.

  • 3 Backlash Levels, as low as 3 arc-min
  • IP65 environment protection
  • Motor adaptors for any servo motor, 50w through 5kW
  • 24 hour delivery

VRL Series

The Able VRL Gear Reducer is the perfect solution for servomotor applications such as packaging machines, gantries, injection molding machines, pick and place, and linear slides. Offered in concentric shaft, with a maximum 5 arc-min backlash rating, the VRAL is Shimpo's Heavy Duty servo reducer product. VRL offers long life with high duty ratings and impressive output torque. VRAL is also the choice when switching brands, as it offers drop-in mounting dimensions for one of the more popular servo reducer mounting methods.

  • Industry Standard Mounting Dimensions
  • Best-In-Class Standard Backlash ( 5 arc-min)
  • 20,000 Hour Service Life

VRS Series

Able VRS is Shimpo's premier inline servo speed reducer, recommended for extreme duty operation. Typical applications include packaging machinery, pick-and-place for assembly operations, printing equipment, or any servo application requiring very low backlash and extreme radial and thrust load capabilities. Offered in concentric shaft, with a maximum 3 arc-min backlash rating, VRS output torque in a given dimensional package is higher than any other Shimpo product. Output torque peaks at 19,500 in-lbs.

  • Highest torque density
  • Highest stiffness
  • Best standard backlash
  • Industry compatible mounting

Circulute 3000 Reducer

The Circulute 3000 Reducer is Shimpo's next generation cycloidal speed reducer. It utilizes 52100 grade bearing steel on all of its speed reduction components. It is offered with a full two year warranty, not limited by hours of operation, and is able to endure abuse that would break the teeth of ordinary speed reducers.

The Circulute 3000, readily available with inputs for both servo and induction motors, features a compact design with single reduction ratios of 11:1 to 71:1 at 95% operating efficiency. Offered in two backlash ratings and multiple mounting options, the Circulute 3000 has a design tough enough for both servo and standard induction motor applications. The unique two piece pin housing design guarantees output shaft backlash ratings of less than 6 arc-min.


RXC Adjustable Speed Drive

The RXC Adjustable Speed Drive is a mechanical variable speed drive utilizing a ring and cone power train. The drive consists of an input disc, a set of planetary cones, a control ring, the cam disc and a pressure control cam. This unique design provides a speed range of 0 - 800 RPM.

The RXC offers increased low speed torque, 500% starting torque and a 200% overload capacity throughout its entire speed range. It is ideally suited for rugged, trouble free service in the worst environments including explosion proof, chemical processing and washdown applications.


STH Series Rotary Stage

The STH is a mid-range speed and torque gearbox that sets a new standard for rotary positioning performance at an exceptional price point. A SHIMPO planetary gearhead is the interface between the servo motor and STH hollow bore, rotary stage. The ABLE gearbox features simple mounting of nearly any small to medium servo motor, and gives the complete STH package net ratios ranging from 12:1 through 400.

Available Frame Sizes: STHVL7 | STHEL7


STR Series Servo Rotary Indexer

The STR provides a solution for ultra-high precision, obtaining accuracies up to 20 arc-seconds. The STR allows an application to reach negligible backlash, maintain exceptional rigidity, and maximize control stability so that the desired output motion can be easily achieved. The design is truly a unique concept, utilizing a full contact screw-like transmission for high efficiency and elimination of wear. The unit provides maximum compactness using orthogonal axes and includes a large hollow shaft for flexibility.

The STR will most often incorporate either an inline (VRB) or right angle (EVB) reducer to achieve an additional reduction and simplify the connection to your servo motor.

Available Frame Sizes: 040V | 063V | 063E | 080V | 080E | 100V | 100E | 125V | 125E | 160V | 160E | 250V | 250E