Peraflex hose is a manufacturer of composite hose. All of their hose and hose assemblies are made in-house at extremely high quality, and they strive to provide fast service. Peraflex specializes in composite hose because it can be used in all types of applications and it is designed to be "fail safe".

Peraflex composite hose and hose assemblies are safe, flexible, and chemical resistant. Due to their combination of multiple seamless tube and plastic film wraps, Peraflex hose is virtually leak-proof. In addition, Peraflex hose bodies are reinforced with high-stretch, high density materials and supported with internal and external spiraled wire.


Specialty hoses

Along with their standard hoses, Peraflex offers a wide variety of specialized hose that can be used in applications unsuitable for standard hoses.

  • High Temperature Hose - can handle liquids up to 400ºF and is available in sizes from 1 inch to 4 inch.
  • Medium Temperature Hose - withstands temperatures up to 300ºF and more economical than the high temperature hose.
  • Low Temperature Hose - for use with liquified gases at temperatures as low as -130ºF; AGA (American Gas Association) Approved.
  • Extra Flexible Hose - for use in tight spaces and applications that require excessive bending of the hose.
  • Extra Stiff Hose - developed for the tank truck industry to satisfy the need for hoses that can be pushed back into hose tubes on the side of trucks.
  • Dry Material Hose - developed for handling polypropylene pellets and resens.
  • All Plastic Hose - manufactured for use with hydrochloric acid.
  • Low Spark Hose - used with highly flammable liquids that have a high risk of flammability.
  • Vapor Recovery Hose - for use with aromatic vapors.
  • Extra High Pressure Hose - has a working pressure of 350 psi.
  • Abrasion Resistant Hose - designed with a ballistic cover used to reduce external abrasion.


Peraflex also offers fittings swaged onto a composite hose or as lose fittings. All end fittings have spiral tail pieces that allow them to screw into the hose in order to reduce the change of a blow out. Peraflex fittings are available in a variety of materials:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polypropylene
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Nylon
  • Teflon

How to Order a Standard Peraflex Hose

How to Order a Standard Peraflex Hose

Peraflex Hose uses a three letter code system in order for customers to order hoses efficiently and accurately.

  • 1ST LETTER = internal wire of hose
  • 2ND LETTER = external wire of hose
  • 3RD LETTER = internal bore of the hose

For example, a Peraflex PGP Hose refers to a hose constructed of a polypropylene coated galvanized internal wire, a galvanized external wire, and polypropylene tubes.

Available Options for Peraflex Standard Hoses
Wires Available:
  • P = Polypropylene coated galvanized wire
  • S = Stainless steel wire
  • A = Aluminum wire
  • R = Solid Polypropylene rod
  • B = Bronze wire
Inner Bore Materials Available:
  • P = Polypropylene
  • T = Teflon
  • N = Nylon
  • O = Polyester
  • U = Urethane
  • E = Polythylene
  • + = 10MM Thick