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Mitsubishi Electric has been a leading innovator in industrial automation and electrical components for over a century. Products are designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of customers’ businesses and contribute to the realization of a more vibrant society. With a focus on technological innovation and creativity, Mitsubishi continues to provide industry-leading solutions that help to achieve goals.


Programmable Logic Controllers

Mitsubishi offers Automation Platforms including modular PLCs to multi-disipline PACs. The L Series is a powerful but compact modular controller with many features built-in to the CPU itself. The rack-free design promotes high system flexibility with minimum form factor. The iQ Platform unifies all of the Mitsubishi Electric automation disciplines into a one-of-a-kind modular Programmable Automation Controller (PAC).

MELSEC iQ-F Series - FX5U

Designed on the concepts of outstanding performance, superior drive control and user centric programming, Mitsubishi's F Series has been reborn as the MELSEC iQ-F Series.

Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F

From stand alone use to networked system applications, MELSEC iQ-F Series brings your business to the next level of industry, offering enhanced high speed bus, expanded built-in functions, advanced SSCNETIII/H support and improved engineering environment. Program and parameters are set with the GXWorks3 engineering software.

The FX5U gives the FX a performance boost and adds features that set benchmark standards for compact PLCs. It enables users to develop more complex and sophisticated automation systems, as well as higher performance applications, without having to migrate to a larger and more costly PLC family.


The FX5U offers simple connection options to a wide range of automation equipment, including Mitsubishi Electric servos and inverters, Cognex vision systems, networks and energy meters, with reduced wiring effort and no additional programming.

Positioning Control

The FX5U includes Mitsubishi Electric's Simple Motion Unit as an intelligent function module, providing the ability to perform sophisticated motion control for up to 4 axes. Functions include linear interpolation, circular interpolation, positioning control, synchronized control, encoder following and electronic cam.

MELSEC iQ-R Automation Controller

The new Mitsubishi iQ-R series CPU offers dramatic improvements in performance, setting new benchmark standards for processing speed. This not only enables users to realize enhanced system designs, but also provides the basis for significant reduction in hardware costs. At the same time, the iQ-R series offers reductions in development cost, maintenance cost and risk of system failure, while providing an innovative upgrade path that will enable users to take advantage of ongoing developments through software upgrades rather than hardware upgrades.

Internal Database

The CPU includes an internal database that can be installed into the SD memory card. This allows a selection of database commands that can add/ delete/change records to be utilized for simple recipe functions. It is also easy to import/export Unicode files for use in spreadsheets. This is useful where multiple product variations are produced using the same machine process.

High Speed and Synchronization

The iQ-R boasts a high speed system bus for synchronized data communications between multiple CPUs. This improves performance and accuracy, especially for high speed motion control applications.

Enhanced Security Features

iQ-R has a variety of security features to protect intellectual property and plant safety. Engineers can restrict access at the network level using IP filtering, lowering the risk of hacking or any other unauthorized third party access. At the controller level, security key authentication prevents unauthorized access to the program or execution of the CPU.

MELSEC iQ-R Series Redundant Control System

Highly reliable control easily realized at low cost

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has paired its proven iQ-R Series integrated control platform with at redundant function module to create a redundant process control system for applications that require highly reliable control. The iQ-R Series Process CPU/Redundant System is designed specifically for industries such as oil and gas, wastewater and building automation with applications that require near 100 percent uptime to prevent harmful or costly disruptions.

  • Redundancy across multiple levels, reducing single-point failures
  • High availability at multiple levels for improved system reliability
  • Extensive visualization and data acquisition with Mitsubishi Electric SCADA MC Works64
  • Easy configuration with GX Works3 integrated engineering software
  • Mitsubishi MELSEC automation controller

This high-performing process control solution is also ideal for industries such as chemical or food and beverage that require very precise ingredient mixing and recipe management. Because their numerous production stages require tight synchronization, a disruption in one stage may lead to bottlenecks in others.

The iQ-R Series integrated design allows machines or production lines to consolidate control in one rack. The system can have up to 4 CPU's per rack for any combination of motion, sequence or process control.




The GOT2000 inherits all the features of the popular GOT1000 series, and introduces a more refined and advanced function set. The GOT2000 boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency. The high quality display is designed to optimize operator control and monitoring of device and line statuses. If you are looking for an intuitive operation terminal, the new tablet-like operability and the higher functionality of operator terminals makes the GOT2000 the ideal choice.

This new generation of operator interface products offers advanced features such as an intuitive gesture touch interface and a multitude of communications options including a wireless LAN interface. Other features include an SD card interface, expansion slots for optional communication, dual processors and multi-touch control.

GOT Simple HMI

The new range of GS HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric are a cost-effective series offering a simple and flexible entry-level option for newcomers to the world of machine visualization. Besides all the standard basic functions, it also includes additional ones such as data logging, FA transparent mode and operator authentication.

Mitsubishi GOT simple HMI

The FA transparent function allows access to automation components such as PLCs, frequency inverters and servo amplifiers within a system via the HMI. This enables data from connected components to be viewed and parameters or other settings to be adjusted from a central location. These 7" and 10" panels share a common specification apart from the size of the display.

  • 9MB of user memory WVGA 800 x 480 display with LED backlight
  • Built-in Ethernet port, RS422, RS-232 ports and USB device port
  • Built-in SD card slot
  • Vertical display capability
  • Operator name and password protection

Variable Frequency Drives

Mitsubishi offer a wide range of Variable Frequency Drives, from the cost-cost effective variable speed control solution for general purpose applications to the the A700, a high performance drive that features many of the special technologies originally developed for Mitsubishi Electric servo drive products, such as adaptive auto-tuning that automatically compensates for changes in load inertia. The result is smoother operation, less downtime and ultimately, lower operating costs. Control modes include Velocity, Torque and Positioning.

PowerGate 66

The PowerGate 66 IP66 / NEMA 4 variable frequency drive (VFD) is Mitsubishi's introduction to the decentralized drive market.

The stand-alone VFD is an engineered solution incorporating a version of the Mitsubishi Electric E700 VFD into a custom made NEMA 4 (water resistant) enclosure allowing the drive to be placed closer to the motor even in harsh environments.

The PowerGate 66 drive is especially suitable for applications that require precise motor speed control, including conveyors used in food and beverage operations and material handling, and the control of pumps and fans in HVAC and water handling applications, or in any application where the drive is exposed to water and dust.

Beyond its decentralized design, advantages of the PowerGate 66 include its unique keypad and display. The LCD displays information in words, rather than number-based codes, as is the industry norm. And to simplify programming, the keypad has 10 buttons laid out similarly to a pocket calculator.


Servo Motion Control

Mitsubishi's offers a wide range of Servo Motion capabilities.

MR-J4-TM Servo Controller with EtherCAT

Even when a control system is specified by the end user, the chosice of servo drives is frequently left to the OEM. Now we can offer state-of-the-art servo performance.

Mitsubishi Electric introduces state-of-the-art servo performance with Advanced Vibration Suppression Control?, One-Touch Auto-Tuning?, and incredible reliability with an EtherCAT? interface for use with custom PC based control systems or competitor's EtherCAT motion systems. The MR-J4-TM Multi-Network Servo Drive with EtherCAT combines the industry-leading performance, features, and reliability of the MR-J4 Series servo system with an EtherCAT interface for customers where custom PC based control systems or competitor's EtherCAT controllers are specified.


The MR-J3 has raised the bar for servo speed and performance with a capacity range of 50W to 55kW, we reduced the size of both the amplifier and motor, added a high resolution encoder and advanced auto-tuning and vibration control. With even higher positioning accuracy and responsiveness, the MR-E Super is an excellent choice for applications ranging from 100W to 2kW. The MR-J2-JR supports the following control methods: Position, Speed, Torque, SSCNET Network, Built-In Motion, and RS-485 Multi Drop.


Frequency Inverters

Mitsubishi Electric delivers innovative, open, flexible and reliable VFD solutions geared to the special needs of individual markets and customers. The new FR-A800 PLUS series inverters take the outstanding performance and functionality of the standard FR-A800 series VFD combined with special firmware to make a drive dedicated to specific industries and applications such as Cranes, Winding/Unwinding application and Mining.


The FR-A800-CRN variable frequency drives,with built-in features such as "vibration suppression control", "torque build-up in the shortest possible time" or "load-based speed control" functions are specifically designed for Crane and Hoist applications. The FR-A800-CRN series VFD enables cycle time optimization, resulting in increased productivity, smooth operations and overall user safety.


Roll to Roll means the control technology for continuous roll-to-roll processing of a web (sheet of a paper, film, or other material) from the unwinding roll to the winding roll. The FR-A800-R2R inverterwith built-in dedicated functions like automatic winding diameter calculation, automatic dancer speed control, and sensor-less torque control for perfect tension feedback all of which deliver stable and precise control in roll-to-roll applications. The FR-A800-R2R inverter is the prefect choice in a wide variety of systems with various dedicated wind/unwind functions.

FR-E800-E Series with Built-in Ethernet Communication

The FR-F800-E is a pump and fan control VFD that combines performance, accuracy and reliability with embedded Ethernet based communications to enhance overall system flexibility. With 100Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP and BACnet/IP connectivity as the standard, the FR-F800-E provides an increased ability for remote system monitoring, parameter adjustments and easy integration into existing network environments. Learn more about FR-E800-E inverter



RV-F Large Capacity 6-Axis Robot

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the latest in its line or RV-F Series 6-axis robots in 35, 50 and 70kg payloads.

These new robots extend the Mitsubishi Electric RV-F Series product line t address applications that require higher payloads and longer reaches, including CNC machine tending, large material handling and assembly applications. The new RV-F35F, RV-50F, and RV-70F robots are especially well suited to the automotive, food and beverage, as well as electronic manufacturing industries.

  • Higher payloads - allows applications that require heavier parts and tooling to be robotically automated
  • Long reach arm - tasks can be spread further apart and can accommodate larger parts and processes with the ability to extend up to 2050mm
  • Seamless integration with Mitsubishi Electric Automation (MELFA) hardware ecosystem - easily connects to MELFA's extensive offering of integrated automation products
  • Multiple environmental protection ratings - available in IP40 and IP67 protection ratings to conform to various application requirements

Simulator Software

Gemini 3D Simulator Software

Easily Design, Adjust & Adapt Your Mitsubishi Electric Automated Equipment Lines With MELSOFT Gemini 3D Simulator Software.

Mitsubishi Electric MELSOFT Gemini 3D Simulator Software lets you virtually verify line equipment before you install onsite to shorten product time to market. Quickly construct animated 3D models to simulate operations, analyze scenarios and reduce rework labor costs by troubleshooting issues on the spot.

Gemini 3D Software


GOT Mobile - Smart Web-based Remote Solution

The GOT Mobile function improves visualization accessibility and reduces total cost of ownership. The GOT and your mobile devices can communicate directly without using a separate access point. The status of equipment can be monitored remotely with your tablet or smart phone. In addition, you can view maintenance manuals to quickly check error details and find solutions.

You can use your wireless LAN communication unit as an access point by configuring simple settings in screen design software*. The GOT and mobile devices can communicate directly without using a separate access point.

Download GOT Mobile brochure

Diamond Service

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Service and Solutions for Success

As part of the Diamond Service Program, we are ready to work with you. Our engineers have vast experience in the industry and in a wide range of experience to provide the support necessary to keep your business performing and growing.

Download the Diamond Services Portfolio

Diamond Service

Keeping your business producing is most important to Air Hydro Power. From timely repairs to extending the life of your machine, our technicians are available to assist with a multitude of services to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Our engineers and technicians are factory trained to provide expert service on-site at your facility.

  • Machine Down Service
  • On-Site Repair
  • System Start-up
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • On-Site Technical Support

When you need an expert to implement new processes or bring new life to old equipment, our project services group is there to support to you. Our team of engineers are ready to provide services for projects from retrofitting older equipment in order to benefit from newer technology, all the way up to complete turn key management of a new solution or application. Let our engineers provide expertise to help keep your business performing and growing.

  • IoT Services
  • Machine Upgrade
  • Machine Conversion
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Project Management

Our courses provide practical instruction lead by engineers with hands-on experience in automation technology. Classes are designed to provide an understanding of the function, operation, programming, and maintenance of our products so you can design solutions and keep equipment running at peak operation levels, as well as troubleshoot and resolve many problems independently.

  • Standard Training
  • Custom Training
  • Programming Courses