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mitsubishi fr f800 e series

Mitsubishi FR-F800-E Series with Built-in Ethernet Communication

The FR-F800-E is a pump and fan control VFD that combines performance, accuracy and reliability with embedded Ethernet based communications to enhance overall system flexibility. With 100Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP and BACnet/IP connectivity as the standard, the FR-F800-E provides an increased ability for remote system monitoring, parameter adjustments and easy integration into existing network environments.


  1. Ethernet Communications as Standard ? Communicate with Modbus TCP/IP or CC-Link IE Field Basic communications networks at a speed of 100Mbps without the need for an extra option card.
  2. Automatic IP Address Detection ? Automatically detect the IP address of all connected drives, quickly enabling connection and programming using FR-Configurator software.
  3. Remote Operation ? Communicate with a drive remotely for commissioning, monitoring or troubleshooting anytime from anywhere.
  4. CC-Link IE Field Network Basic ? Fast and dependable connection to Mitsubishi Electric PLCs, servos, and robots through the CC-Link IE Field basic system for a complete factory solution.
  5. Multiple Protocol Capability ? Network option cards offer connection to other drive based networks and a higher level information system.
  6. Drive to Drive Communications ? Utilize the internal PLC to communicate without a master PLC controller allowing the drives to work together as a team.
  7. Reduced Cost ? Standard Ethernet connectivity without add-on modules.

The Perfect Drive for Pumping Applications


Pumping Applications


The embedded web server allows the user to connect to the drive using a standard web browser on any device for monitoring the drive status and adjusting parameters.

  • No need for special software
  • Connect directly over Ethernet cable or remotely over VPN
  • Direct connection for control by SCADA systems
  • Remote diagnosis and rectification of faults
  • Improved response for maintenance

Pumping Applications


Drive to Drive communication is possible because the PLC functions in the FR-F800-E allows the master inverter to send commands for controlling multiple slave inverters connected to the Ethernet network. When the FR-F800-E is used with FR-Configurator2 software, users can
search the network for connected drives, and establish a connection that allows for faster and easier network configurations, drive set-ups and system monitoring.

  • Direct connection to the TCP/IP network by cable or WiFi
  • System scan to identify FR-F800-E drives on the network
  • Full access to the drive for parameter adjustment and monitoring
  • Upload and download of PLC function program and parameter sets


Pumping Applications

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