Hi-Tech Duravent is an industry leading manufacturer of hose and ducting, experts in plastic, thermoplastic, or resin-coated fabric hoses with a reinforcing helix for low pressure situations. Hi-Tech Duravent's Core Products Program offers always in stock and ready to ship out within 24 hours. An extensive line of flexible thermoplastic and TPR hose and ducting products. As well as spiral wound hose, self-retracting hoses, electrical hoses, medical hoses, and hose accessories.

Featured Products

Hi-Tech Duravent's

Core Products Program

The Core Products Program from Hi-Tech Duravent is a program that features a large variety of hoses to fit many ducting needs. These products are always in stock and ready to ship out within 24 hours of your order.

Hi-Tech Duravent's

Customized Hose

Interested in customizing your hose? Here are the available options:

  • Custom Coloring
  • Custom Wear-Stripping
  • Non-Standard Lengths
  • Custom and Metric Diameters
  • Custom End Treatments
  • Use of Specialty Raw Materials



Hi-Tech Duravent offers an extensive line of flexible thermoplastic and TPR hose and ducting products that are a necessity for all air, dust, fume movement, and light material handling needs. The extensive hose includes hoses that can be customized to fit your needs in the following categories:

  • Industry -whether your application is in aerospace or agriculture, Hi-Tech Duravent has the hose for your needs. Other industries that can be supported with Hi-Tech Duravent hoses include: plastic processing, industrial woodworking, facilities service, metals processing, and many more.
  • Temperature -Hi-Tech Duravent offers hoses that can support applications that include extreme temperatures from -100°F to 560°F.
  • Diameter -available diameter options range from 1" to 24" depending on your application.
  • Length -available length of hose range from 10' to 50', so that you can customize your hose to the ideal length for your application.
  • Features -other special features that are offered include: high flexibility, lightweight, UV resistant, abrasion resistant, and many more!
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Hose Accessories

From clamps to custom sewn cuffs, Hi-Tech Duravent's variety of accessories compliment their extensive collection of hose and ducting. Made reliably and of quality materials, the accessories available are the ideal addition to your hos and ducting.

  • Blower Hose Connectors
  • Bridge Clamps
  • Cuffed End Finishes
  • Latch Locks
  • Quick Release Clamps
  • Screw Clamps
  • VAC-U-LOCK Cuffs