Firestone is the world’s leading supplier of air springs for vehicular and industrial applications. Used in a broad range of industries, including automotive and industrial manufacturing. Manufacturing sophisticated air springs for technologically advanced isolation, actuation, and pick-and-place solutions. Firestone is committed to providing customers with the most sophisticated mechanical components possible, always looking for new ways to improve the quality of life for everyone.

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Fabricated of molded plastic elements welded together in a sealed unit the polyactuator is easily customizable to meet specific sizes and shapes for a wide variety of applications. It can be used in almost any application requiring very small pressure and stroke.

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Firestone Airstroke actuators are ideal replacements for existing applications that had previously used traditional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. These are flexible walled pneumatic actuators that are durable and operate well in corrosive and abrasive industrial environments, easily accepts misalignment, and has a high ratio of stroke to collapsed height.



Firestone has been designing and developing a wide range of mounts and supports to isolate vibrations that are detrimental to many industrial and manufacturing environments.

End effectors

These end effectors offer the user a wide range of advantages over traditional pick and place work holding devices. Simply by varying the air pressure in the picker or gripper, the user can conform the end effector to the diameter that is being handled and the force being applied to the work piece. This is especially critical in applications with sensitive, thin-walled, or fragile objects. The object being picked up does not have to have a circular configuration. Since it has an elastomer bladder construction, it will conform to any shape.


Marsh Mellow Spring

A Marsh Mellow spring is a fabric reinforced rubber cylinder. A main advantage of a Marsh Mellow spring over an air spring in isolation applications is a Marsh Mellow spring does not require air.