Euchner is a leading company in industrial safety engineering, developing and manufacturing products and solutions to ensure the safety of people, machines, and products. Euchner offers the latest safety products for presence sensing (ASO safety Edges, Bumpers and Mats), automation components (sensors to track tooling data and automate systems), man-machine interaction (the ManMachine product line), and signaling devices for status feedback. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Euchner has become a trusted name in industrial safety engineering.

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Everything under control - the safety system MGB

The MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems.

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Safety Products

Euchner Safety Products consist of Safety Switches, Safety Relays and Enabling switches. Euchner has developed Safety Systems composed of sensors, evaluation and Safety Relays in one solution to meet complex requirements. MGB products are a unique interlocking or guard locking system for robot cells and safety doors on machinery and systems. For non-contact applications, Magnetic coding and RFID coding technologies are available. The CES family of RFID products offers sensors with integrated evaluation. Rope Pull Switches allow for safety along the whole rope length, and standard E-stop buttons are also offered.


Automation Products

Euchner provides precision Single Limit Switches, Single Hole Fixing Limit Switches and Position switches built to the EN 50041 standard. Euchner Ident Systems use non-contact RFID technology for identification of products such as tools, product carriers and containers for manufacturing, packaging and logistics.


ManMachine Products

Euchner's ManMachine products interface operators and machinery. Their Joysticks control machine motion by manual actuating direction. Euchner Hand-held Pendants allow machine monitoring and control from movable locations and can be equipped with safety features such as E-stop buttons and enabling switches. Euchner electronic Handwheels provide pulse generation for manual axis positioning of NC and other motion control equipment.