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Kentucky and Alabama's trusted provider of Balluff Sensors

Balluff offers premium sensors for a wide range of application requirements, from presence detection and position measurement to level detection and pressure, for general industrial use or for tough applications in critical environments. 

Featured Products

Balluff Featured Products

  • SMARTLEVEL sensor:
    an extension of Balluff's level detection family, designed for automatic point-level detection of water based liquids when immersed, or looking through container walls.

Balluff SmartLevel Sensor

Pressure Sensors

Pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum system monitoring

Balluff's pressure sensors measure a variety of pressures, such as hydraulic or pneumatic systems for machine movement, as well as liquids, viscous media and gases for other processes. These sensors are available with integral displays that also provide a programming means and diagnostics window into the sensor or as an instrument only device with no display. Pressure sensors connected to networks such as IO-Link can provide improved process flexibility and control through enhanced sensor monitoring, parameterization, and error reporting back through the system controller.

Learn more about Pressure Sensors

Download Pressure Sensor Datasheet

Balluff Pressure Sensors

Inductive Sensors

For non-contaact detection of metalic targets

For non-contact detection of metallic targets at ranges generally under 50mm (2 inches). Inductive proximity sensors emit an alternating electro-magnetic sensing field. When a metal target enters the sensing field, eddy currents are induced in the target, reducing the signal amplitude and triggering a change of state at the sensor output.

Download Inductive Sensor Catalog

Balluff Inductive Sensors

Capacitive Sensors

Reliable object and level detection

Balluff's capacitive sensors are not only superior in object and level detection applications, but they are also highly specialized for a wide range of challenging applications. The capacitive sensors consist of high temperature and pressure ratings, stainless steel and PTFE housings for harsh environments, a wide supply voltage range and especially compact form factors.

Balluff capacitive sensors are ideal for presence detection of nonmetallic objects and levels of granulates, powders, viscous media or liquids, whether conductive water-based or non-conductive fluids such as oil.

Download Capacitive Sensor Catalog

Balluff Capacitive Sensors

Magnetic Field Sensors

Balluff's magnetic field cylinder sensors are based on non-contact, solid-state sensor technology that is compatible with both reed and Hall effect magnetic pole orientations, making them the ideal replacement for standard overload protection, and reverse polarity protection. 

Balluff Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic Linear and Rotary Encoders

Balluff's proprietary magnetizing process brings a new level of accuracy to magnetic encoders. The stronger, more sharply defined magnetic poles produced by Balluff's Permagnet?? technology deliver higher practical system accuracy, enabling Balluff encoders to be more tolerant of variation in the working distance between the encoder read head and the tape. Permagnet?? technology reduces dispersion and distortion of the magnetic field throughout the specified working range, reducing the influence of gap-distance variation on the accuracy of the position measurement in real-world applications

Balluff Magnetic Linear and Rotary Encoders

Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors

Rugged, absolute linear position measurement from 1 to 300 inches

Balluff Micropulse?? linear position sensors have achieved a worldwide reputation for accuracy, stability, and rock-solid reliability. This doesn't happen by chance. Micropulse sensors are designed from the ground up to exceed expectations in demanding industrial environments. Balluff understands that quality, performance, and reliability are only part of the story. Diverse applications require diverse products with features that enhance usability and improve process efficiency.

Balluff Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Balluff's photoelectric sensors include a wide variety of housings including exclusive miniature designs, tubular styles from 8mm through 30mm, and small, medium, and large block styles. These devices provide non-contact detection of parts over longer distances than other sensing modes such as inductive or capacitive sensors while providing numerous mounting options and flexibility.

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Balluff Photoelectric Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors

Whether for position detection, distance detection or detection of powdery and fluid media - our ultrasound sensors are precise all-rounders. Their high resolution and small blind spots guarantee the highest precision. And with a large detection area, even larger object distances are no impediment for them.

Balluff Ultrasonic Sensors

Temperature Sensors

With infrared temperature sensors, you can monitor high temperatures even in environments that are inaccessible or hazardous for humans, detect hot objects (even in motion), reliably detect temperature values and measure/monitor temperatures with or without contact in a wide range of applications.

Balluff Temperature Sensors

Inductive Couplers for Discrete Sensors

When quick or frequent wiring changes need to be made, inductive couplers can provide a fast and error-free way to connect multiple discrete PNP sensors. Balluff offers two versions to meet your specific application needs. The version in an M18 cylindrical housing can connect to up to four sensors, while the version in a Q40 cuboid housing can connect up to eight sensors. These IP67-rated couplers transmit power and signals across a small air gap.

An inductive coil in the base and remote units sends and receives the magnetic signals. A single base unit can be used with multiple remote units, so you can create several wiring setups on the remote-unit side and interchange them as needed. Balluff?s passive junction boxes make this wiring a simple task. To connect to the base unit, simply place the base in front of the remote. Perfect alignment isn?t necessary, and their orientation can be changed. They begin communicating once they are in close proximity, at which point LEDs on the base and remote will switch on to indicate that a connection is active. Magnetic mounts for the Q40 models protect the couplers and keep them aligned and at the optimal distance.

This is a smart retrofit to replace electromechanical or hardwired connections on existing machines. A slip ring or rotary connector will eventually wear out, but an inductive coupler avoids mechanical failure, since the base and remote don?t come in contact. Changing a die or mold often requires disconnecting and reconnecting cables, where it?s easy to bend a pin in the connector or put other stresses on the connector, eventually causing it to fail. With inductive couplers, you mount the remote coupler at the same position on each die or mold, and then swap as needed. Give your machines a productivity boost by changing out wired connectors for non-contact onestes.

Balluff Ultrasonic Sensors

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