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The intelligent combination of powerful industrial networks with the IO-Link communications standard enables reliable and flexible information exchange under the most diverse areas of application.

The requirements for industrial networks are extensive and diverse. Increasingly higher data volumes and complex communication require powerful and reliable components that are capable of transporting information across all levels. This is especially true if high protection types, robustness, use at high temperatures or special interfaces and connections for maximum security are needed.


Intelligent combining of industrial network with the IO-Link communication standard is the ideal solution for ever faster, more flexible, more efficient, and more adaptable production. This provides you with a powerful infrastructure for reliably managing the growing volume of data. It transports your data through the entire manufacturing process and enables seamless communication from the sensor into the Internet, making IO-Link the ideal enabler for Industry 4.0.

Balluff offers holistic IO-Link solutions with high-performance IO-Link sensors and the best IO-Link network and connectivity. Balluff speaks IO-Link in every field and with all principles of operation, so you have access to these IO-Link advantages throughout the entire system.

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Network Blocks

For the highest performance

Ever faster, more flexible, more efficient and variable production demands seamless communication from the sensor to the Internet. The result is a growing amount of data within the production processes. This demands components which can make this information available. At the same time an infrastructure is required which transports the data across all levels.

  • Profibus
  • Profinet
  • CC-Link
  • CC-Link IE/Field
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherNet/IP
  • EtherCAT

Balluff Network Blocks

I/O Blocks

Efficient transport of signals

I/O blocks from Balluff connect discrete I/O and analog sensors and actuators to the control level via a fieldbus or network. The number of lines is substantially reduced by the use of the blocks.

Moreover, I/O blocks offer additional functions for signal preprocessing and expanded diagnostic options. Different designs and connection techniques enable solutions for a wide variety of applications, even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Balluff I/O Blocks

Network Switches

Optimum infrastructure for complex networks

The Ethernet-based network systems are increasingly gaining significance in industrial automation. Balluff offers diverse portfolio of Ethernet-based systems and network components for machine and system design, for example, Profinet and Ethernet/IP.

Balluff Network Switches

Inductive Couplers

Contact-less transmission for complex networks

Balluff portfolio of inductive couplers offer unique contact less solution to transmit data and power across an air gap. Thus, no mechanical wear to worry about. The system availability is higher, the cycle times are shorter, the sequences are more flexible. The units can quickly be disconnected, are easy to handle and maintenance-free. enabling you to meet new demands quickly. As the inductive couplers are IP67 encased devices they are practically immune to water, dust and any other debris in the environment. 

Balluff Inductive Couplers

Web Server

Simplify IO-Link Device Integration

IO-Link devices are smarter and bring with them information that goes far beyond basic functionality. For example, IO-Link devices offer parameters for configuration in different modes of operations, provide condition-based alerts and diagnostics information to help eliminate or reduce downtime and simplify overall connectivity.

To utilize the IO-Link devices to their fullest potential requires the ability to configure the devices. Unfortunately, until now, one has had to rely on the controller or PLC provided functionality for configuration, or purchase expensive configuration software from IO-Link master providers. Balluff's market-leading IO-Link master portfolio now makes it simple to configure, monitor and troubleshoot IO-Link devices with a built-in, enhanced web server.

This powerful web server is available with all of the Balluff IO-Link masters for EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and EtherCAT. The web server utilizes the IODD (IO-Link Device Description) file that comes standard with each IO Link device to enable configuration of the devices in human readable format and drop down menus.

In addition to monitoring process data and configuring the IO-Link device with IODD, the web server also allows the preloading of IODD files for devices that may be required in the field.

  • Configure IP address and network parameters, and manage port configurations
  • Status and diagnostics information about network and connection ports
  • Upload IODD files, and configure IO-Link devices with easy-to-use interface
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting of IO-Link device's diagnostics data

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