Apera AI-powered 4D Vision technology opens up an entirely new level of automation at unprecedented speeds – by providing robots with human-like 3D vision for applications that include bin-picking, pick-and-place, assembly, packaging and sorting. With Apera you gain speed, intelligence and perception in your workcells, and can do it with simpler hardware than 3D systems.


Apera Vue Software

Vue software gives robot human-like intelligence and speed. Vue is computer vision software that guides robots as they move and handle objects. Apera Autopilot enables the robot to take the best path in and out of a movement. The robot and the object it is handling will not collide with other objects in the environment.

Apera Dexterity enables the robot to be able to grasp and precisely place objects. The robot will find the most pickable object in a complex array, align it to the needed position and precisely place it.

robot guidance.jpeg

Apera 4D Vision

Apera's AI-powered 4D Vision technology enables customers to go beyond conventional capabilities with simpler hardware than traditional 3D systems. This technology maximizes speed, enhances intelligence and improves perception in each work cell.

4D vision delivers cycle times as fast as 3 hertz or 0.3 seconds — a speed quicker than any other vision technology on the market. Work cells guided by 4D Vision can handle and place a broad item range. Apera AI systems hit the industry benchmark of 99% reliability with less hardware and lower costs with the ability to operate without structured light, precise fixtures or lasers.