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ACE Controls is the leading manufacturer of gas springs, shock absorbers and hydraulic dampers. Providing products that prevent impact damage, dampen noise and increase cycle speeds. Serving a global customer base of OEMs and system integrators in a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical devices, packaging and printing. Commitment to quality, Ace Controls helps customers create reliable systems that meet their performance goals.

Featured Products

Miniature Shock Absorbers

ACE Miniature Shock Absorbers are self-contained hydraulic units.

The MC 5 to MC 75 model range has a very short overall length and low return force. Its small size allows for high energy absorption in confined spaces, while the wide effective weight ranges accommodate a variety of load conditions.

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Gas Springs

Gas Springs from ACE Controls provide counterbalance motion control for lifting and lowering covers, lids, panels, hoods, hatches and more. ACE Controls gas springs are reliable units designed to handle the demanding needs of the industrial and commercial markets. They are maintenance free and self-contained. ACE gas springs remove the need for muscle power and provide controlled motion for lids, hoods, machine guards, panels and more. Body diameter models are available from 15 mm to 28 mm with forces ranging from 10 N to 2,500 N. ACE Controls gas springs offer a high service life with treated steel piston rod and precision steel body.


Shock Absorbers

ACE Controls self-compensating shock absorbers are highly engineered, fixed, multi-orifice units that decelerate moving weights smoothly regardless of changing conditions, and require no adjustment. These versatile performers offer wide effective weight ranges for handling a wider range of applications and increased velocities. As a moving load impacts the shock absorber the piston travels through the stroke and forces hydraulic fluid through the multi-orifice inner tube. The total orifice area decreases at a rate consistent with the decay of impact velocity, resulting in true linear deceleration.

ACE industrial shock absorbers decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, improve product performance, increase cycle speeds and dampen noise.

  • Miniature
  • Soft contact
  • Heavy weight
  • High cycles
  • Heavy duty
  • PET & Glass shock absorbers
  • Safety shock absorbers

Hydraulic Dampers

ACE Controls Hydraulic Dampers are maintenance free, self-contained and sealed units. They are available with body diameters from 15 mm to 40 mm and with stroke lengths of up to 800 mm (40 mm model).

ACE hydraulic dampers are durable and feature single or double acting-designs. The travel speed can be easily adjusted and remains constant throughout the stroke. The single acting version is controllable in one direction only, with free flow in the opposite direction. Adjustment is easily achieved by pulling out fully and turning the rod until the desired damping speed is attained. A built-in antilock guard allows adjustments to be made at any damping rate without unit lock up.




The "VibroChecker" App is useful for vibration measurement and choosing the appropriate vibration isolation for machines, components or systems. With this App from ACE you can quickly and simply measure vibrations on machines and components within a frequency range up to 50 Hz.

You will gain a simple overview of current vibration statuses in a vertical direction and initial suggestions for vibration-reducing action with the result of the measurements. In addition, this App offers the option of suggesting customized vibration damping on the basis of individual machine data entries, such as the weight, number of support points and the required isolation rates. All measurement results can be archived.

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