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Nitto Kohki's General Purpose Couplers

Nitto Kohki General Purpose Couplers

Nitto Kohki's general purpose quick connects are designed for all manufacturing fluids - air, water, and hydraulic. 

Pneumatic Couplings -are available in brass, steel, or stainless steel and can be used in many different pneumatic applications. 

Hydraulic Couplings -are high quality and industry proven for low, medium, or high pressure fluid applications. 

  Featured Product: 
Purge Line Cupla

Nitto Kohki Purge Line Cupla

The Purge Line Cupla allows residual pressure to be released by one lever turn. There is no noise of discharge and no kick back on disconnection. It is safely designed so that the socket valve will not open or close unless the plug is connected. 

Nitto Kohki specializes in designing Japanese quick couplings for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. With its wide range of quick couplings, customers can expect the ability to make multiple, leak-free connections. 

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Nitto Kohki's quick connects have been designed for a variety of the manufacturing processes, including: aluminum die casting, metal machining, mold cooling, painting, injection molding, power tools, diesel and gasoline engine test, chemical, and multi-connections. 

Automotive Solutions

Couplers for diesel and gasoline engine manufacturing and process are offered in a wide variety of sizes. With a pressure rating up to 10,000 PSI, these quick connect, one touch couplers are ideal for: 

  • Engine Leak Tests
  • Air Conditioner Leak Tests
  • Oil Cooler Leak Tests
  • Radiator Leak Tests
  • Condenser Leak Tests

Nitto Kohki Automotive Solutions

Plastic Injection and Die Casting Solutions

Nitto Kohki also has a large offering of products for die casting and injection molding applications. These products include multi-connection configurations as well as 5,000 PSI couplers for high pressure applications. 

Mold Cupla -a high flow coupler specifically designed for die cooling applications. These couplers are rust-resistant and space saving for molds with closely spaced coolant ports. 

TSP Cupla -valveless structure to handle high viscosity fluids and drastically saves pressure loss. These couplers achieve extremely high flow rates.

Nitto Kohki Plastic Injection and Die Casting

Semi-Conductor Solutions

Nitto Kohki couplers can be designed for high purity systems for semiconductor manufacturing as well. Approved materials of construction include PFA, PTFE, and electro-polished stainless steel. These high quality couplers can be utilized in the following applications: 

  • Piping for semi-conductor-making equipment and machinery
  • Pipe Connections for chemical tanks
  • Piping for biotech equipment
  • Pure water piping
  • Transferring electrolyte for Lithium batteries
  • Piping for scientific, chemical, medical, and food purposes
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