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Hydraulic Valves

Kawasaka Hydraulic Valves

Direction Control, Pressure Control, Flow Control, Logic Elements, Cartrige Valves, Electro-Hydraulic Control Valves

Kawasaki's Hydraulic Components and Systems are utilized world-wide to provide the power source in Excavators, Cranes, Fork Lifts, Agricultural Machinery and many other Special Purpose Vehicles. 

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Kawasaki has an enviable reputation for producing high quality hydraulic components for high power applications requiring precise control. Designed for operation in the most rigorous of operating conditions Kawasak's Hydraulic components are market leaders in reliability and controllability.

Radial Piston Motors

With a range of hydro-mechanical, electro-hydraulic and electronic control and positional systems, Kawasaki Staffa motors have been used in the most demanding of applications - worldwide. Staffa motors are the choice of industry leaders to directly propel, drive, swing, or rotate heavy loads Radial Piston motors and inertias at low speeds.

Staffa motors are used on: plastic injection molding machines (extruder screw drives), mining machinery (swing, track, wheel, bucket, and cutterhead drives), earthmoving and construction equipment (wheel, track, swing and implement drives), marine machinery (winch and steering mechanisms), and forestry machines (swing and cutterhead drives) as well as many others.

Kawasaka Radial Piston Motors

Axial Piston Pumps

Kawasaki hydraulic pumps lead the world in providing high pressure, low noise, and compact solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

Ever since the introduction of axial piston pump technology in Germany 1962. Kawasaki's ongoing research and development program has resulted in an ever-increasing range of products.

Our current K3V series is accepted as the world standard for a reliable mobile power source with excellent integrated control functions and easy maintenance. Building from this strong base we have now developed the K3VG, K3VL, K5V and K7V series to further extend the range of potential applications.

Kawasaka Axial Piston Pumps

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