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Featured Products:


AladcoGrimp Clamps

ALADCO® offers a line of pneumatic Grip-Clamps® that are ideal for automotive, food, and other industrial manufacturing requirements. 

ALADCO® manufactures a variety of pneumatic check valve brands: Nu-Check®, Dual-Check®, Clean-Check®, Air-Fuse™, Balance-Check™, and Equa-Check™. Additionally, ALADCO® manufactures grippers and clamps for "Jigs & Fixtures" and special machine accessory components.

Aladco strives to manufacture products that fulfill customers' technical concerns while designing their products to maximize reliability and safety. 


Standard Pneumatic Check Valves

ALADCO® offers three different series in its standard line of pneumatic check valves. These series include the "3" Series, "5" Series, and "6" Series valves.

Nu-Check® : ("3" Series Valve) is designed specifically for pneumatics and is the only check valve on the market with both manual and pilot release capabilities. These valves are made out of high strength, lightweight anodized aluminum alloy. 

Clean-Check® : ("5" Series Valve) is designed similarly to the "3" Series valves, but is fully sealed for use in clean/sanitary environments without its function being affected. This valve can tolerate dust, dirt, oil, detergent, cleaning solutions, and cutting fluids.

Aladco Standard Pneumatic Check Valves

Dual-Check® : ("6" Series Valve) is designed with two parallel check valves that can be manually overridden with a single button or with an internally plumbed air pilot. These valves are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel. 

Specialty Pneumatic Check Valves

ALADCO®  also offers three varieties of specialty pneumatic check valves along with their standard line. These series include the "36 & 37" Series, "38" Series, and "4" Series valves. 

Balance-Check™:("36 & 37" Series) is designed with a unique bubble-tight seal that keeps 20 psi of air in the cylinder to form an air cushion. This valve is commonly used on air balancers. The superior, self-cleaning ball seal provides long product life.

Air-Fuse™: ("38" Series) is designed to monitor air circuits. In the event of broken air lines, the valve stops all air flow to prevent whipping hoses. These valves are designed for non-lubricated systems and are made of high-strength, lightweight, anodized aluminum alloy. 

Equa-Check™: ("4" Series) is designed similarly to the Nu-Check® valve with both manual and pilot release capabilities, but also includes equal internal balancing between IN pressure and the PILOT pressure. These valves are often used in load balancing systems. 

Aladco Specialty Pneumatic Check Valves

Shim Block Assemblies

ALADCO's Shim Block Assemblies are used anywhere that a locating position must be help accurately, but with the flexibility to be adjusted when needed. They are typically sold in sets of two or three and are a quick and inexpensive way to locate and mount tooling plates and components. 

Some of the key features of ALADCO's Shim Block Assemblies include:

  • Available in two standard sizes
  • Simple to adjust location by grinding shim to size or adding an additional shim
  • All needed hardware included
  • Made from low carbon steel with a black oxide finish

Aladco Shim Block Assemblies

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