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Freudenberg's Hydraulic Accumulators and Suspension Systems

Freudenberg accumulator

Freudenberg also offers suspension systems and hydraulic accumulators: 

  • Suspension Systems -feature individualized load adjustments using hydro-pneumatic systems in order to reduce the incidence of vibrations and shock forces.
  •  Hydraulic Accumulators -the most basic component of a hydraulic system; reliable and durable. 

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Tobul) is a developer of sealing technologies and hydraulic accumulators for various hydraulic applications.

Sealing Technologies

Freudenberg's sealing technologies are separated into 3 main categories: dynamic seals, static seals, and special sealing products. Each line has a variety of designs to fit the specific application. 

Radial Shaft SealsClamp Seals

Precision Molding Parts

Rotary and Swivel SealsDairy Couplings

Butterfly Valve Seals

Damper and Steering SealsCover SealsPlug & Seals
Valve Stem SealsFlat GasketsCaps & Boots
V-Ring Seals and DeflectorsO-RingsForseals
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