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Daman Materials

Daman Manifolds

Daman offers a wide range of material choices to customers in order to meet most pressure rating, application, environment, and cost requirements. These materials include: 


Daman is known for designing and manufacturing hydraulic valve manifolds and related products. Though Daman does offer a variety of other hydraulic accessories, their extensive stock consists mostly of standard manifold products that can ship within 24 hours of a placed order. 

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Daman holds an unsurpassed level of expertise in manifold design and manufacturing and is dedicated to providing excellent service to all of their customers. 

Standard Manifold Products

Daman's Standard Manifold Products Catalogcontains more than 2 million parts that facilitate the assembly of parallel or series circuit systems. This vast selection of products includes: 

  • Cover Plates - can be used to cap off a pattern after a surface-mounted component is removed or can be used to cover an extra patter to be utilized for the future. 
  • DIN Bodies -can be used to provide housing and hose mounting surfaces for DIN slip-in logic valves.
  • Header Blocks -can connect several oil lines with one supply (pressure) or one return (tank) port. 
  • Junction Blocks -can provide a place to join piping, change direction, or split/connect with other lines. 
  • Manifolds -can be used to mount directional control valves.

Custom Products

Daman understands that system designs start with a manifold, which is why they offer custom design and manufacturing services for hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds made of a variety of materials. Custom manifolds make up 65% of Daman's production and are normally processed within 24-48 hours depending on the material and tooling needed for the design. 

Daman also offers a Trigger System that allows customers with repetitive custom projects to create a small inventory of their custom solutions to allow for 24-hour shipping. It is easy to set-up a product in the system and only requires a conversation about expected and maximum usage. 

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