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Sick 1067166

Sick 1067166 DFS25 Incremental Encoder; Solid Shaft, Square Flange, HTL/Push Pull Interface, 4096 PPR

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* Sell and Ship Exclusively to Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi

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Sick DFS25 Incremental Encoder; Mechanical Interface: Solid Shaft, Square Flange; Connection Type: Connector, Radial; Pulses Per Revolution: 4096; Shaft Diameter: 9.5 mm; Voltage Area: 8 to 30 V; Maximum Load Current: ≤ 50 mA; Moment of Inertia of the Rotor: 15 gcm²; Maximum Output Frequency: 820 kHz; Power Consumption: 0.7 W (No Load); Start Up Torque: 0.5 Ncm (20°C); Operating Torque: 0.3 Ncm (20°C); Permissible Shaft Loading: 40 N (Axial), 80 N (Radial); Permissible Relative Humidity: 90 % (Condensation of the Optical Scanning not Permitted); Maximum Operating Speed: ≤ 9000 min⁻¹; Angular Acceleration: ≤ 500000 rad/s²; Measuring Step: 90° / Electronically/PPR; Measuring Step Deviation: ± 0.008°; Error Limits: ± 0.03°; Operating Temperature: -30 to 80°C; Storage Temperature: -40 to 100°C (Without Package); Weight: 0.4 kg (Maximum)

Mechanical Interface      :      Solid Shaft, Square Flange
Connection Type      :      Connector, Radial
Pulses Per Revolution      :      4096
Shaft Diameter      :      9.5 mm
Voltage Area      :      8 to 30 V
Maximum Load Current      :      ≤ 50 mA
Moment of Inertia of the Rotor      :      15 gcm²
Maximum Output Frequency      :      820 kHz
Power Consumption      :      0.7 W (No Load)
Start Up Torque      :      0.5 Ncm (20°C)
Operating Torque      :      0.3 Ncm (20°C)
Permissible Shaft Loading      :      40 N (Axial), 80 N (Radial)
Permissible Relative Humidity      :      90 % (Condensation of the Optical Scanning not Permitted)
Maximum Operating Speed      :      ≤ 9000 min⁻¹
Angular Acceleration      :      ≤ 500000 rad/s²
Measuring Step      :      90° / Electronically/PPR
Measuring Step Deviation      :      ± 0.008°
Error Limits      :      ± 0.03°
Operating Temperature      :      -30 to 80°C
Storage Temperature      :      -40 to 100°C (Without Package)
Weight      :      0.4 kg (Maximum)

The DFS2x family of products are high-resolution incremental encoders that provide industry standard 2 and 2.5-inch mechanical interfaces and are available as factory-configured or programmable devices. Factory-configured encoders can be ordered with TTL, HTL, or open-collector outputs as well as integer resolutions from 1 to 65,536 counts per revolution. Programmable encoders allow the user to select the integer resolution and either TTL or HTL outputs. DFS2x encoders incorporate rugged internal technology that allows them to operate over a wide temperature range and tolerate twice the shock and vibration levels of comparable encoders. The flexibility and reliability of these encoders allows you to confidently standardize on a single encoder platform for position sensing across a wide variety of applications while simultaneously reducing your spare part requirements.

  • Compact 2" and 2.5" design
  • Integer resolutions from 1 to 65,536 pulses per rev
  • Compatible with PGT-08-S PC-based programming tool
  • Programmable encoders allow selection of resolution, signal phase, zero pulse position, and output interface
  • Flange, hollow shaft, and blind hollow shaft options
  • M12 connector, MS connector, and flying lead cable connection options
  • Programmable DFS2x encoders simplify machine designs by allowing the same model encoder to be used for different applications
  • Spare parts inventory requirements are reduced because a single programmable DFS2x encoder can be used across a variety of applications
  • Flexible electrical interface configurations reduces the risk that the selected encoder will be incompatible with input electronics
  • High resolution provides more precise positioning for applications that require high accuracy
  • Wide operating temperature range and high tolerance of shock and vibration reduce machine downtime
  • Reference signals are 180 Degree, electronically, gated with B negative position
  • IP65 (According to IEC 60529) Enclosure rating
  • Bearing lifetime of 3.6 x 10^10 revolutions
  • Clockwise sequence
  • Resistance to shocks are 100 g (According to EN 60068-2-27)
  • 30 g, 10 Hz to 2,000 Hz (according to EN 60068-2-6) Vibration resistant
  • 40 ms Initialization time after power on
  • 1 Reference signal

Standard/Approvals:EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3

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