SICK Barcode Scanners

SICK is well known for their sensors and safety products, but did you know they also provide barcode scanners and other intelligent solutions for logistics and automation? SICK barcode readers can be utilized even with poor quality or damaged barcodes because of their excellent reading performance. SICK also offers hand-held scanners for mobile, fast, and [...]

Manufacturer Monday – Sick U.S.A.

Founded over 70 years ago in 1946 and named after its founder Dr. Edwin Sick, SICK has grown tremendously into a company consisting of over 50 subsidiaries and equity investments, numerous agencies around the world, and over 7,400 employees internationally. The reason for their growth? Their sensors. SICK is one of the leading sensor manufacturers [...]

SICK DT50-2 Laser Distance Sensors

The SICK DT50-2 Pro offers a new range of possibilities for distance measurement, including 10 m on black targets and 30 m on white, repeatability of 0.5 mm, 3,000 measurements per second.  The Dx50-2 sensors feature an intuitive display, saving time during installation and commissioning. The settings for speed, sensing range, and repeatability can be adjusted to [...]

SICK’s AFS60 & AFM60 Encoders with Ethernet Can Do It All!

The Sick AFS60 & AFM60 Encoders offer configurable diagnostics and the ability to connect multiple Ethernet encoders together ensures you get a wide range real-time speed and position data... plus continuous functionality! These dual-port Industrial Ethernet encoders provide EtherNet/IP, PROFINET RT and EtherCAT connectivity. Reduces external switching components with embedded Ethernet switch EtherNet/IP, Profinet, or EtherCAT [...]

Sick W27 MultiPac Photoelectric Sensors

The W27 MultiPac sensor provides an economical option for detection of shiny, glossy, or dark targets within its foreground. It uses two redundant receiver arrays to ensure continuous detection of difficult targets such as bundled clear PET bottles. The sensing range is adjustable up to 500 mm using a simple teach button.

SICK ML20 Markless Sensor

Eliminate the need for print marks Using pattern recognition, the ML20 Markless sensor detects the cutting position for label applications without the use of print marks. This completely new technology provides reliable detection, even with complex images means more freedom when designing packaging while allowing for more efficient utilization of space on the product instead [...]