Enter to Win an In-Sight Laser Profiler

COGNEX’s In-Sight Laser Profiler delivers unmatched levels of accuracy and ease in a variety of different applications. This powerful vision tool provides accurate object detection with a single-click of an optimize profile button. This tool is accurate, precise, and can produce repeatable measurements. In addition, the EasyBuilder interface utilized with the IN-Sight Laser Profiler is [...]

HARTING Innovations: Ethernet Sea-Cables

“HARTING Innovations” are the new products that HARTING believes to be highly innovative out of their newest product pool. One of the most recent “HARTING Innovations” is the HARTING Ethernet Sea-Cable. This cable is designed to be suited for data cabling on and below the deck of civil ships as well as other off-shore applications. [...]

Keep it Fresh with Parker Hose

Parker’s Series 126 Nexbraid PVC Clear Heavy Duty General Service Hose (Nexbraid) is a medium-pressure hose that can be used across multiple applications. Specifically, the Nexbraid hose is ideal for the food and beverage industry due to its clear smooth tube that does not impair the taste or odor of the material being carried. The [...]

80/20 Solutions in Robotics

80/20 Inc. provides a plethora of solutions for customers in a variety of industries, including robotics. Robotic mounting structures must be built with many different challenges in mind, and the custom options provided by 80/20 solutions provide a modular mounting structure design for a variety of different robotic applications. Modular mounting structures can allow rapid [...]

Benefits of Messaging with SQUEAKS™

SQUEAKS™ is an industrial IoT messaging software that promotes interaction between employees and machines. Machines enter the discussion with automated broadcasts that are triggered by certain monitored conditions. This allows plants to avoid downtime and increase productivity due to increased information flow and communication. Some of the benefits of SQUEAKS™ include: Easy integration with nearly [...]

Eaton (Cutler Hammer) Provides Surge Protection

  Eaton is known for their slogan of “powering business worldwide” and strives to provide a range of products and solutions to help keep power flowing to businesses. With this goal in mind, Eaton offers Cutler Hammer surge protection devices that provide protection to many kinds of businesses: telecommunication facilities, hospitals, schools, and heavy industrial [...]

WAGO Adds More Ports and Speed to their Switch Portfolio

WAGO released this month that they have added a new 16 channel unmanaged gigabit switch to their already extensive switch portfolio. The new switch features compact housing (only 50 mm), high speeds, configurability, and is designed for DIN rail mounting. The features of this new switch lend it well for use in a wide variety [...]

Universities: Adapting to Change with 80/20

Most universities and academic institutions consistently change the design of their labs due to the expanding nature of research and the persistent advances in technology. Because of this, 80/20 products are an ideal solution for universities that are seeking modular and customizable solutions for their research environments. 80/20 enables universities to modify and redesign spaces [...]