Meet Intera 5.2

The newest installation of Rethink Robotics’ Intera Software (Intera 5.2) answers to the growing needs of customers and manufacturers worldwide with an exciting new feature as well as increased vision capabilities. The new feature, Intera Insights, displays key performance indicators (KPIs), which allows operators and managers to view critical data at a glance. The data [...]

Parker GlobalCore™: Five Hoses. Two Fittings. One Solution

  Parker’s GlobalCore™ design is the world’s first high-performance, cohesive hose and fitting system. The robust hydraulic hoses are intended to endure tough conditions while still maintaining the flexibility to fit into many different applications. The GlobalCore™ system includes only five hoses and 2 fitting series (43 Series and the 77 Series). The simplistic design [...]

HARTING USA: “Industrial Transformation Starts Here”

HARTING USA is excited to announce the release of the Han-Modular® Series, a series of optimally designed connectors to supply machinery and equipment. The different connectors can handle different signal types through the combination of different modules that the designer selects. This means that the modules can handle a variety of media types all in [...]

The New microScan3 Core – EtherNet/IP™

SICK is one of the world’s leaders in producing sensors and sensor solutions for industrial automation applications. Once again, SICK has created a new generation of safety laser scanners with its new microScan3 Core – EtherNet/IP™. This safety solution offers customers a new standard of scanning technology by combining a rugged, yet compact design with [...]

Value Line® Suction Cups Are Valuable in Standard Applications

Piab’s Value Line® suction cups are an effective solution in standard applications, and are valuable in their ability to save you money with their cost-effective design! Piab’s Value Line® is known for its good performance at an extremely reasonable price, which is why this line of suction cups is extremely popular as a solution in [...]

Win Five MX-1000 Barcode Reading Mobile Terminals!

Cognex is again offering a drawing to win FIVE of their great barcode reading solutions: MX-1000’s. The MX-1000’s are barcode reading mobile terminals that are ideal for manufacturing and distribution center applications. These vision-enabled mobile terminals are rugged, modular, and smart so they are a reliable solution in a variety of applications. RUGGED: The MX-1000 [...]

Rethink Robotics’ ClickSmart Vacuum Foam Gripper Kit

Rethink Robotics’ Vacuum Foam Gripper Kit (VFG) is designed as a solution for applications in which objects of different sizes and shapes need to be picked up when surfaces are uneven. The gripper is 80 mm in diameter and includes an analog vacuum sensor for intelligent behaviors. Having gripping problems? Check out the video below [...]

Make WAGO Work for You!

WAGO Corporation continues to improve and expand their product offerings in order to fulfill a variety of different applications. With this expansion, WAGO has not only been able to improve the degree of mechanization and automation in their solutions, but they have been able to retain their cost-effectiveness, which has helped increase their potential customer [...]