SICK Proximity Sensors

SICK proximity sensors are perfectly suited for industrial applications and can provide non-contact detection of a wide variety of objects and media. SICK sensors are known for their long service life, durability, and extreme precision: making them the go-to sensors for intelligently and reliably solved industry-specific and individual automation tasks. Sick offers a variety of [...]

Hose Master’s New 3/8” High Pressure Hose

Hose Master announced this month that they have added the new 3/8” ID Pressureflex HP and the 3/8” PressureMax HP to their high-pressure products. Hose Master looks to provide the most complete line of high-pressure products in various sizes with pressures up to 6000 PSI Check out the specs of these products! 3/8 Pressureflex HP: Heavy-wall [...]

Cognex – Introduction to Barcode Reading

Do you need an introductory explanation of the fundamentals of barcode reading? Whether it be that you are new to barcode reading altogether or you need to learn the best barcode reader for your application, Cognex has the guide for you!  Cognex’s 32-page guide, titled, “Introduction to Industrial Barcode Reading”, allows customers to learn how [...]

New Parker PTS Mobile App

Parker announced today that the newest version of the Parker PTS mobile app is scheduled to launch around June 9th. Many users have had problems with the app since the newest iOS update, and this new version is meant to alleviate those issues. The Parker Support team is eager to get the app up and [...]

Yeti Winners!

Air Hydro Power is excited to announce the winners of our Yeti Giveaway promotion! This promotion is a way to say thank you to our customers by providing them with a chance to win a free Yeti cooler every time they visit their local ParkerStore. We are so thankful to all of our reliable customers! Here [...]

AHP Corbin is now a ParkerStore!

Air Hydro Power is happy to announce that AHP Corbin is now a ParkerStore! AHP Corbin, also known as The Hose House, was acquired by Air Hydro Power in early 2016 and has been able to support a range of products and services since the acquisition, including Parker fluid connectors, Parker industrial hose, and Parker mining [...]

Manufacturer Monday – Piab USA

Have you ever considered using suction cups as a lifting technique? Piab has! Established over 65 years ago, Piab is known for designing innovative vacuum solutions that are energy-efficient and reliable. In fact, Piab offers one of the widest ranges of suction cups to fit your specific lifting needs. Piab offers over 10 different kinds [...]

Be Bold with 80/20!

Building with 80/20 is a great way to get the job done, but have you ever considered the benefits of black anodize profiles, panels, and parts? Black anodize provides a protective barrier that is both abrasion and corrosion resistant, and it is great for the office space! The low-reflective anodize is great for business applications [...]

Vision System Flexibility

Do you want a vision system that you can custom-configure to fit your specifications? Cognex is excited to introduce the new In-Sight 7000: a full-featured, powerful vision system that is customizable to your needs! Its compact design does not hold it back when it comes to ability. It performs fast, accurate inspections of wide ranges [...]

SICK Saves During Food Recalls

Did you know that SICK products can be useful to a food manufacturer during a recall? Food recalls are most common when the safety of food is compromised: whether it be a foreign contaminate, a bacterial contaminate, or a plethora of other possibilities. Most manufacturers act fast during recalls to ensure the safety of its [...]