Manufacturer Monday – Airtech Vacuum

Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, established in 1982, is a manufacturer of a wide range of vacuum and pressure technologies servicing North America, Europe, and Asia. Airtech is best known for their pumps and blowers, which are utilized for many applications in a variety of industries. However, what sets Airtech apart from other vacuum and pressure technology [...]

Ace Control’s Miniature Shock Absorbers

Ace Control’s offers a vast selection of miniature shock absorbers, which are known for their tried-and-tested quality.Miniature shock absorbers are optimized machines that are reliable and effective despite their compact design. Specifically, the MC5 to MC75 shock absorbers are known for their compatibility with compact and efficient designs. They are perfect for use in applications [...]

What is Bimba│Acro?

Bimba│Acro (Acro) is a leading innovator of pinch valves and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bimba Manufacturing Corporation. Bringing 45 years of experience to the table, Acro products can be used in fluid control assemblies for the medical, bioprocessing, and industrial markets. Acro has extensive experience with designing non-wetted contact solutions to control, monitor, and [...]

Parker Legris Success Story

Back in February, Parker Legris shared with the world its most recent success story: Parker Legris LF 3000 Push-In Fittings were chosen to equip a luxury vehicle with a perfume diffuser. This automotive application was utilized by one of Legris’ German customers that required a product that conformed not only with the standard and regulations [...]

The Dust Collector Solution

MAC Valves patented Pulse Valves are the perfect solution for dust collector needs because they can easily and cost effectively replace the current diaphragm design that is commonly used for dust collection. MAC Pulse Valves have an extended life in comparison to many other filter elements because of the high airflow and the faster pulses [...]

Dixon Swivel Configurator

The Dixon Swivel Configurator allows you to select all components for your custom swivel.  Make sure you get the correct swivel for your application by specifying the size, style, material, end configuration and more.  The part number and list price produced on certain configurations.

BOSS LPS safety release cam and groove couplings

BOSS LPS safety release cam and groove couplings and venting systems are designed for the transfer of fluid and solids with a safer connection.  Permit the release of static pressure when disconnecting hose assembly. Protects operator from being sprayed with hazardous or non-hazardous fluids and solids.

Bimba All-Plastic Cylinder Stands up to Harsh Fumes

Bimba's all-plastic cylinder is designed for a semiconductor application to withstand the harsh environment of hydrofluoric acid fumes used for surface cleaning.    The All-Plastic Cylinder has the construction and strength of a traditional Bimba cylinder with 100% plastic components exposed to the environmental elements.