Enter to Win an In-Sight Laser Profiler

COGNEX’s In-Sight Laser Profiler delivers unmatched levels of accuracy and ease in a variety of different applications. This powerful vision tool provides accurate object detection with a single-click of an optimize profile button. This tool is accurate, precise, and can produce repeatable measurements. In addition, the EasyBuilder interface utilized with the IN-Sight Laser Profiler is [...]

Universities: Adapting to Change with 80/20

Most universities and academic institutions consistently change the design of their labs due to the expanding nature of research and the persistent advances in technology. Because of this, 80/20 products are an ideal solution for universities that are seeking modular and customizable solutions for their research environments. 80/20 enables universities to modify and redesign spaces [...]

Modular Solutions with 80/20

  80/20 has a range of solutions that are flexible and tailored to your personnel, space, equipment, and resources. 80/20’s modular solutions allow customers to fully customize their options to properly design, assemble, and reconfigure their solutions as needed. 80/20 solutions allow customers to cut costs and can potentially increase changeover rates up to 75%. [...]

The Value of Measuring Pressure

ParkerStore customers are very familiar with the benefits of having access to a ParkerStore and a Hose Doctor: product knowledge and expertise to help customers operate their business. But, Parker wants ParkerStore customers to be familiar with another valuable tool available for purchase: The ServiceJunior™ line of industrial diagnostic tools. The ServiceJunior™ line of tools [...]

Mitsubishi – Achievements of the 8th Environmental Plan

Mitsubishi Electric recently released their targets and achievements of their 8th environmental plan, a proposal that included initiatives toward creating a low-carbon, recycling-based society, strengthening environmental management foundations, and molding a society in tune with nature. Though Mitsubishi was not able to reach all their goals, they made huge improvements in their sustainability practices and [...]

AHP and ICP at Skills USA Conference 2017

Air Hydro Power was excited to share some time this week with Industrial Careers Pathway (ICP) at the SkillsUSA conference. More than 16,000 people were anticipated to be a part of the event this week, which showcases career and technical education students. More than 6,000 students will compete in 100 different trade, technical, and leadership [...]

Rethink Robotics’ ClickSmart Gripper Kits

End-of-arm tooling for Sawyer Robots We are excited to announce the ClickSmart™ family of gripper kits, a unique solution for end-of-arm tooling for Sawyer that incorporates smart sensing and rapid swapping capabilities, resulting in the first fully integrated robotic solution available on the market through a single vendor. Rethink's complete solution continues to simplify robot [...]