Stay Smart with SICK Smart Sensors

SICK Smart Sensors allow the highest level of stability during object detection by detecting faults in operation and actively troubleshooting problems as they arise. They actively help find the ideal operating points during installation, while offering a variety of operating modes. The manual adjustment of the detection and measurement parameters allow the sensors to be [...]

Barcode Trouble? Not Anymore!

Cognex’s DataMan 150/260 series and 360 series barcode readers are equipped with patented PowerGrid technology, which allows users to quickly locate and read 2-D codes using shape and texture based algorithms. Thanks to the PowerGrid technology, the DataMan barcode readers can read the most challenging 2-D codes, including codes with: Missing finder pattern Missing clocking [...]

WAGO’s New BACnet Coupler Gives Flexibility

WAGO’s new BACnet coupler (750-330) is the latest addition to their line of time-saving, cost-effective, building automation controllers and remote I/O. The coupler not only records remote I/O signals, but translates them and forwards them. The advantages include: Communication between building automation devices and control system applications Manages up to 256 BACnet objects Supports BACnet [...]

WAGO – Compact Lever Connectors

Check out WAGO’s 221 series compact lever connector in action below! These compact lever connectors provide: CAGE CLAMP® connection, re-usable Up to 4mm²; 32A rating; 2,3, & 5 conductors Continuous service temperature: max 105°C Design suitable for all wiring types 100% transparent housing Learn more about WAGO connectors on OUR WEBSITE, or contact us for [...]

Mitsubishi Electric Controllers

Mitsubishi Electric has a wide variety of different controllers to fit specific applications. Not all situations can utilize the same universal controllers, which is why Mitsubishi Electric specialized their controllers based on customers’ needs. Here are a few of the different kinds of controllers that are offered: Programmable Controllers: The MELSEC Series of controllers are [...]

Balluff IO-Link

In the field of automation, seamless communication between a sensor and the internet is essential for efficient production. Thanks to Balluff’s IO-Link products, users can effectively communicate from the control unit all the way down to the lowest level of automation. Balluff’s IO-Link products include fieldbus technologies with an extremely wide range of functional principles. [...]

Tolomatic Solution: Bottle Filling

Tolomatic’s innovative linear motion products can be used as solutions in a wide range of different applications, including applications in the Food and Beverage industry. Though there are numerous applications in the industry that can utilize Tolomatic products, a great example of a successful Tolomatic solution in the food and beverage industry is the use [...]

Which Switch is Right for You?

WAGO’s variety of Ethernet switches allows customers to find a solution that specifically fits their precise needs. Some versions of WAGO’s Ethernet switches are designed robustly for industrial use, while others feature more economical versions of function monitoring and redundant power supply with a supply voltage range of 9-48 V and 12-60 V.  Additionally, other [...]

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

Mitsubishi’s GOT products, or “Graphic Operation Terminal” offers customers a functional, seamless gateway to connecting with automation devices through a human-machine interface (HMI). Utilizing Mitsubishi’s GOT products allows customers to reduce costs and increase productivity. The GOT products easily display graphics, texts, and alarms in addition to switches and lamps to allow customers to truly [...]

Murrelektronik Helps You Find a Solution

Power failure? There is a plethora of products available to provide solutions during a power failure, but it can be tricky deciding which product is the right solution for your specific situation. Murrelektronik wants to help customers pick the right product for their specific kinds of failure by explaining in which situations to utilize two [...]