Tolomatic ERD Electric Cylinders

Are you trying to find the most cost-efficient replacement for your traditional pneumatic cylinder? Why not check out Tolomatic’s ERD electric cylinder? The ERD is an economically designed electrical cylinder that is compatible with many NEMA & metric mount stepper and servo motors. They are powerful, flexible, and an extremely cost-effective replacement over traditional pneumatic [...]

SICK Barcode Scanners

SICK is well known for their sensors and safety products, but did you know they also provide barcode scanners and other intelligent solutions for logistics and automation? SICK barcode readers can be utilized even with poor quality or damaged barcodes because of their excellent reading performance. SICK also offers hand-held scanners for mobile, fast, and [...]

Intelligent Actuator Announcement

Air Hydro Power is proud to announce that we are now a distributor of Intelligent Actuator, Inc. (IAI) in both Alabama and Mississippi. AHP is a long-time distributor of IAI products, and on June 1st became an authorized IAI distributor for the Alabama and Mississippi territories. IAI designs and manufactures a complete line of motion [...]

Going Mobile with Squeaks

A global Tier-1 automotive supplier partnered with iGear to deploy Squeaks at one of its production facilities, and Squeaks helped them make significant improvement in leadership’s visibility into performance at a macro level. Team members at the facility now receive instant alerts and messages (called squeaks) on their mobile devices, allowing team members to better [...]

Murrelektronik Helps Customers “Stay Connected”

Murrelektronik (Murr) prides itself on keeping its customers connected. This means, connectivity physically and technologically. Murr describes its product availability using a pyramid, each layer a different level of connectivity. The first level is Connection Technology. This layer includes Murr’s various adapters, cables, connectors, etc. This layer is the layer that Murr is mostly known [...]

Heavy-Duty Safety Switches

Historically, safety switches have always provided very few options when it comes to optional or custom lugs. This limitation has caused problems over time for end-users with applications that require over-sized or multiple conductors. However, Eaton Electrical (Cutler Hammer) has provided a new line of UL-listed, heavy-duty safety switches with alternate lug configurations. Eaton proudly [...]