AHP and ICP at Skills USA Conference 2017

Air Hydro Power was excited to share some time this week with Industrial Careers Pathway (ICP) at the SkillsUSA conference. More than 16,000 people were anticipated to be a part of the event this week, which showcases career and technical education students. More than 6,000 students will compete in 100 different trade, technical, and leadership [...]

The Collaborative Robot Difference

For a long time, manufacturing plants utilized manufacturing robots to complete simplistic and repetitive tasks. Manufacturing robots are useful in the sense that they can free up the time of employees for more intuitive tasks, but they have many drawbacks as well. They are kept behind cages (for safety reasons), programmed by highly paid specialists, [...]

Manufacturer Monday – Shimpo Drives, Inc.

Shimpo Drives, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial drive products. They provide reliable products for some of the industry’s toughest applications. With an expansive product line ranging from 1/8 to 60 HP with ratios from 1.5:1 to 5041:1, Shimpo has the drive product for your need. Their newest product line, the EJ Series, are [...]

Tolomatic ERD Electric Cylinders

Are you trying to find the most cost-efficient replacement for your traditional pneumatic cylinder? Why not check out Tolomatic’s ERD electric cylinder? The ERD is an economically designed electrical cylinder that is compatible with many NEMA & metric mount stepper and servo motors. They are powerful, flexible, and an extremely cost-effective replacement over traditional pneumatic [...]

Manufacturer Monday – Airtech Vacuum

Airtech Vacuum Incorporated, established in 1982, is a manufacturer of a wide range of vacuum and pressure technologies servicing North America, Europe, and Asia. Airtech is best known for their pumps and blowers, which are utilized for many applications in a variety of industries. However, what sets Airtech apart from other vacuum and pressure technology [...]

SICK Barcode Scanners

SICK is well known for their sensors and safety products, but did you know they also provide barcode scanners and other intelligent solutions for logistics and automation? SICK barcode readers can be utilized even with poor quality or damaged barcodes because of their excellent reading performance. SICK also offers hand-held scanners for mobile, fast, and [...]

SICK Proximity Sensors

SICK proximity sensors are perfectly suited for industrial applications and can provide non-contact detection of a wide variety of objects and media. SICK sensors are known for their long service life, durability, and extreme precision: making them the go-to sensors for intelligently and reliably solved industry-specific and individual automation tasks. Sick offers a variety of [...]