Barcode Trouble? Not Anymore!

Cognex’s DataMan 150/260 series and 360 series barcode readers are equipped with patented PowerGrid technology, which allows users to quickly locate and read 2-D codes using shape and texture based algorithms. Thanks to the PowerGrid technology, the DataMan barcode readers can read the most challenging 2-D codes, including codes with: Missing finder pattern Missing clocking [...]

Southern Automotive Alliance mentions Air Hydro Power!

Check out this impressive article from the Summer 2017 edition of Southern Automotive Alliance magazine! Air Hydro Power was mentioned in the article, "AAMA Suppliers of the Year Announced" after Air Hydro Power was chosen as a winner in the Service Provider category. Air Hydro Power is proud to be recognized as a company that [...]

Tolomatic’s Space-Saving Solution

Tolomatic released its ACSI integrated servo motor/drive/controller last year to provide a space-saving, all-in-one solution for customers. By integrating the driver/controller into the servo motor space, Tolomatic is able to create an electric actuator solution for single-axis applications without the need for a drive box. The ACSO servo motor controller is ideal for replacing pneumatic [...]

Murrelektronik Connectors are 100% Tested

Murrelektronik states that their connectors are 100% tested and guaranteed. What does this mean to its customers? It means that Murrelektronik conducts accurate electrical testing, including a high-voltage test, a test for switching wires, and a short circuit test. Then they test the function and then visually inspect the connectors. Murrelektronik also tests the depth [...]

XTreme DIY with 80/20 Inc.

Need a folding table that is sturdy and heavy-duty enough for use in your plant? 80/20 can help you build one yourself! 80/20’s newest XTreme DIY video focuses on a folding table that uses an aluminum t-slot frame and polyethylene surfaces that allow customers to create a convenient work space table that is resistant to [...]

Firestone Awarded for Safety and Health Achievements

In May of this year, Firestone Industrial Products Plant in Williamsburg, Kentucky earned its fourth Kentucky Governor’s Safety and Health award for its commitment to workplace safety. The award, which measures many different aspects of health and safety, was presented to Firestone after it was recorded that they reached a significant safety milestone: 2 million [...]

WAGO Void Labels

WAGO has recently expanded its marketing capability with the addition of tamer-proof labels: labels that leave behind a “Void” pattern on both the label and surface they are applied to.Available in rolls of 500, the labels are made to be used with the WAGO smartPRINTER, making the printer even more universal. The Void labels have [...]