Parker Legris Success Story

Back in February, Parker Legris shared with the world its most recent success story: Parker Legris LF 3000 Push-In Fittings were chosen to equip a luxury vehicle with a perfume diffuser. This automotive application was utilized by one of Legris’ German customers that required a product that conformed not only with the standard and regulations within his market, but with his personal requirements.

Personally, the customer was looking for an extremely reliable product in terms of sealing, which Legris was able to provide. The LF 3000 push-in fittings are extremely reliable, easy to use, and 100% leak tested. Along with meeting these requirements, the fittings were also manufactured in a location that conformed with the ISO TS 16949 standard, which was necessary for use within the customer’s field.

Parker contributes this success to the following:

  1. The high responsiveness of Parker Legris to meet the customer’s requirements in a very reduced time in comparison to competitors.
  2. The reliable fittings that are 100% leak-tested.
  3. The ISO TS 16949 certification of the fittings.
  4. The ease of use of the push-in fittings system.

To see how Parker Legris can help you be their most recent success story, check out their website or contact Air Hydro Power for more information.

2017 – Vaculex is Acquired by Piab

On January 5, 2017, Piab acquired Vaculex to help expand their product offerings. Vaculex, which is a global developer and manufacturer of ergonomic lifting systems, utilizes vacuum technology for their products. Vaculex wants their ergonomic designs to minimize workplace injuries while maximizing workplace security; and because of this, they are known for their outstanding quality and innovation.

The integration of these two outstanding companies breeds an atmosphere for success. The new products allow for a strengthened portfolio for Piab and the manpower at Piab allows for an improved distribution network for Vaculex.

Though the news is a few months old, it is a remarkable integration that is taking work and time. Piab area sales managers are getting in touch with customers as they continue to work on a smooth assimilation.  For more information on Vaculex, check out their website.

Murrelektronik Helps Customers “Stay Connected”

Murrelektronik (Murr) prides itself on keeping its customers connected. This means, connectivity physically and technologically. Murr describes its product availability using a pyramid, each layer a different level of connectivity.

  • The first level is Connection Technology. This layer includes Murr’s various adapters, cables, connectors, etc. This layer is the layer that Murr is mostly known for, as they offer one of the largest cordset lineups on the market, and most of those are available with 48 hours. Murr’s cordset also includes an almost infinite variety of cable types, colors, and connector styles.
  • The second level is I/O Systems. This layer consists of Murr’s Cube series as well as other distribution systems. Murr offers its customers a variety of different I/O systems to meet their needs, from practical distributor solutions up to high performance fieldbus systems. Murr reminds customers that their I/O systems increase connectivity by connecting actuators and sensors of a system to the control.
  • The third level is Interfaces. This layer includes the most physical understanding of connectivity of all their layers. Murr’s interfaces allow connections from the cabinet to the field, meaning that this level includes quick connections, easy separations, power outlets, and bright lighting elements to compliment the more technological connectivity products that they offer.
  • The fourth and final level is Electronics in the Cabinet. This level helps connectivity by ensuring optimum power management while also focusing on efficiency. There can be no connectivity without power, which is why this layer focuses on Murr’s Emparro units, Murr’s MICO modules, transformers, and relays.

To learn more about getting connected with Murr products, check out Murr’s website or contact us here at Air Hydro Power.


How Reliable are your Brackets?

With the start of March Madness games today, it seems like everyone becomes preoccupied with their brackets, so Air Hydro Power wanted to remind all of you how important your brackets are.

No, not your tournament brackets, your industrial brackets! Are your bracket choices safe and reliable? If not, check out Parker’s reliable and large range of brackets for a variety of uses: support, mounting, and framing. They have offerings in stainless steel and black aluminum as well as brackets fabricated from carbon. With their many different types of bracketing options, it is certain that they will have the brackets you need for safety and security in your application.

Questions about Parker brackets? Check out Parker’s website or call us here at Air Hydro at 502-451-1000.