Parker XTR Coating

Providing more than seven times SAE standard protection
An outstanding advantage for equipment in highly caustic applications and environments, Parker fittings with XTR (Extreme-Resistance) Coating withstand corrosion more than seven times longer than the SAE standard 9 hours.  In fact, Parker’s proprietary formulation has been tested to resist corroding for more than 720 hours!

Extraordinary Resistance for Extreme Applications
In applications where connections come in contact with nitrogen-based fertilizers, salt spray and other aggressive chemicals, standard hose and tube ­fittings become severely corroded. In fact, corrosion can begin to occur in as few as 14 days, putting assemblies at increased risk of early failure, causing unnecessary and costly equipment downtime.

Where systems are exposed to highly corrosive external conditions, Parker’s XTR Coating is a valuable advantage and is compliant with environmental restrictions worldwide, including RoHS, ELV, and REACH.


Air Hydro Power is a Parker Fittings with XTR Coating distributor in Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi. We offer free product evaluations and technical support to help our customers solve their applications.