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Parker Hose Selection GuideSearch thousands of products in categories such as hoses, fittings, crimpers, accessories and more, or use Parker’s STAMP process to search for an appropriate hose for your application.

S = Size
T = Temperature
A = Application
M = Media
P = Pressure

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Parker fitting APP fitting APP Parker fitting identification and locator for finding the correct part number of many of the Parker fittings you seek. A handy distributor locator and CAD models are also included.

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Parker Industrial Jackhammer Hose Assemblies

These high-quality 3/4" x 50' hose assemblies are "Made in U.S.A." with a 4:1 design fact and up to 300 psi working pressure. Jackhammer hose Jackhammer hose Designed for the most rugged applications. These are made of abrasion-resistant EPDM rubber tube and cover to provide years of great service and backed by Parker, a name you can trust.

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Parker Tracking System

Global Asset Tagging and Identification System

PTS labels are specifically engineered to withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, UV  exposure and other challenging conditions.  Call with the serial number of a damaged hose, and it will be ready for you when you come in, no waiting or bringing in your old hose.

Parker Traching System

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AHP is Now a Parker Certified Composite Hose Assembly Fabricator - with an extensive inventory and technicians ready to handle your rush orders!

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Parker offers the largest selection of hoses plus more fitting sizes than any other manufacturer. You’ll find a wide variety of hoses including braided, spiral and multi-purpose, and more than 4,500 Parkrimp fittings. Parker products have been designed, tested and approved to meet and exceed global standards. The right product is available for your application, including hose that features a variety of abrasion resistant cover choices, flexibility, a wide range of media compatibility and more – characteristics that make Parker the hose supplier of choice for customers that demand the most from their equipment.

Composite Hose

Composite Hose from Parker Offers Lasting Value for Petrochemical Applications
Parker composite hose is a unique alternative to traditional rubber and metal hose. It provides lighter weight, superior flexibility, minimal force to bend and unparalleled kink and vibration resistance, making it suitable for a wide array of petrochemical fluids in loading/unloading, Composite hose Composite hose processing, transfer and transport applications.

Parker composite hose assembly systems-using a new generation of hose constructions, innovative dry seal coupling technology and Parker crimping equipment.

Composite Hose

Compact Spiral Hydraulic Hose

This innovative flexible compact spiral hydraulic hose provides a notably long service life, meeting twice the number of required test cycles for use in both stationary and mobile industrial machinery in a wide range of applications, including General Industry Manufacturing, Construction, Defense, Compact Spiral Hose Compact Spiral Hydraulic hose Oil and Gas.

This new compact hose product offers high-end hose performance at 5,000 or 6,000 psi.

Compact Spiral Hydraulic Hose


Parker hoses Parker Hoses Parker offers a wide selection of hoses:

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Mechanical Crimp Connection

Mechanical Crimp Connection for piping or tube systems saves the time and costs of welding
For today’s piping or tube assemblies, Parker’s Mechanical Crimp Connection (MCC) eliminates time-consuming, costly welding – and ensures reliable, leak-free performance.  MCC consists of a simple hydraulic assembly tool, specially designed bite ring and adapters. The bite ring attaches to the pipe or tube and secures the adapter. Internal seals in the MCC adapter ensure a leak-free connection and protect against ingression mechanical crimping of adapters to tube or piping.Mechanical Crimping Mechanical crimp connector

Mechanical Crimp Connection



Horizontal CrimperCrimper TH8-380

Horzontal Crimper


Parker Hoses Provide Extreme Flexibility without Reducing Flow

83FR DuraGard

Parker 83FR DuraGard Hose download datasheet Whether your business features automotive robotics, power tools or shop air lines, Parflex 83FR with DuraGard Flame Resisitant Hose should be considered the hose of choice for demanding applications.

This tough, flame-resistant hose combines superior design with quality materials to deliver reliable, lasting performance.  83FR DuraGard is a non-conductive, weld spatter resistant polyurethane hose, often used in robotic assembly applications. Although lightweight, the hose features a strong, bonded construction, providing excellent kink resistance while minimizing hose fatigue. The economical 83FR offers easy assembly with Parker's vast selection of Push-Lok and crimp fittings and is available in a variety of cover colors and long lengths.

Download 83FR DuraGard datasheet

Ultralite Superbraid

Parker Ultralite Superbraid Hose download datasheet Ultralite Superbraid polyurethane air hose is 29% lighter than equivalent thermoplastic air hoses and 63% lighter than rubber. Ultra-Lite Superbraid® utilizes a strain relief  and has standard sizes range from 1/4" to 3/4" I.D.  Extreme flexibility and ability to lay out flat without kinking or looping make it the most user friendly hose available.

Ultralite Superbraid features rugged fittings made from corrosion resistant brass that will withstand the roughest treatment.  This state-of-the-art strain relief protects the hose at the weakest point (at the barb) while enhancing the appearance of the entire assembly.

Download Superbraid datasheet