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Industries and Applications:

In the production, trade and service industries, Forbo Siegling's high efficiency flat belts and conveyor belts are often irreplaceable system components.

Forbo provides comprehensive product ranges for the various requirements of the most different of sectors and at the same time the guarantee of maximum service life and economical operation.

  • Food Industry
  • Logistics / Airports
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Raw Materials / Wood / Fibre Boards
  • Textile Industry
  • Industrial Production
  • Paper Industry and Letter Sorting
  • Printing Industry
  • Sports and Leisure

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Forbo high efficiency flat belts and conveyor and processing belts often play a pivotal role providing innovative concepts in production, material flow and logistics.

Leading manufacturing companies all over the world count on Forbo Siegling specialists as competent partners in developing groundbreaking solutions in power transmission, conveying and manufacturing.

Conveyor belts and processing belts – Siegling Transilon

Forbo Conveyor Belts conveyor belts Siegling Transilon conveyor belts and processing belts for speeding the flow of goods and for economic processing in the light materials handling industry. 

The standard Siegling Transilon construction consists of polyester fabric as tension member with synthetic or elastomer coatings. Siegling Transilon is used successfully in industrial, commercial and service companies worldwide. The standard product range includes over 120 various conveyor belt types and constructions for the most diverse of application requirements.

Conveyor & Processing Belts


Power transmission belts – Flat beltsForbo flat belts Flat belts

We have developed the Siegling Extremultus power transmission belt range in close co-operation with users and OEMs. As a result, it can offer a market- driven range of types that can handle all sorts of power transmission in every industry.
Siegling Extremultus power transmission belts are durable, extremely tough, elastic, absorb vibrations and shocks and can be used at belt velocities of up to 100 m/s. Compared with other power transmission belts, they are easy to handle, extremely efficient and have a high level of synchronisation accuracy. Apart from traditional pulleys, they can easily handle bevel and cone drives and drive several shafts, even in different rotational directions.

Power transmission belts


Siegling Prolink Modular Belts

Forbo Modular Belts Modular Belts Modular belts are robust and durable. They handle conveying and processing tasks, not possible with conventional belting material. They can be made endless on the conveyor; if damage occurs individual modules can be quickly exchanged. This minimizes down times. Different lengths and widths are possible. Functional modules can be inserted at any time, so even belt properties can be changed whenever required.

Siegling Prolink can offer various different module designs, materials and accessories, all combinable with one another. So Siegling Prolink modular belts can be customised to suit the conveying or production job in question.

Modular Belts


High-Efficiency Timing Belts – Siegling Proposition

As form-fit power transmission and conveying elements Siegling Proposition timing belts round off the family of tried and tested Siegling Transilon conveyor and processing belts. Our extensive experience in the field of light materials handling is our guarantee for excellent product quality and practice-oriented service.

Forbo Timing Belts Timing Belts The Siegling Proposition product range includes all common timing belt pitches for standard conveying and handling operations. Available open or welded endless, the belt widths available have been selected to match standard toothed pulley widths.

Timing Belts

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Innovative Belting for Metalworking

If manufacturing and supplying product just in time is vital and downtime is counted in minutes, Forbo Siegling is the perfect choice.

The requirements in many areas of metalworking are just as varied as the belt solutions themselves are. Forbo’s range of fabric-based conveyor and processing belts, as well as plastic modular belts, offers the right belt for each application.

Forbo Siegling offers 5 product groups to make metalworking efficient. Different belting products can be used in many steps of the process.

Forbo Transilon Forbo Transtex Forbo prolink Forbo proposition Forbo extremultus
siegling transilon transtex belting siegling prolink siegling proposition siegling extremultus
  • high tensile strength
  • oil and grease resistant/though belts
  • heat-resistant nonwoven belts
  • durable
  • incision-resitant/tough belts
  • PVC-impregnated solid-woven fabric
  • incision-restant POM-CR
  • fast repair times
  • minimal downtimes
  • timing belt
  • demanding acceleration and positioning
  • divers coatings
  • efficient power transmision
  • alternative to high-loss gears

Forbo metalworking belts


AMP MISER™ 2.0 Next Generation Conveyor Belts

Forbo AMP MISER conveyor beltsAmp Miser™ 2.0 is the second generation of energy-saving conveyor belts from Forbo Movement Systems. The new belts have drastically lower friction coefficients. Therefore, they are safe to use – even on galvanised slider beds – and generate energy efficiencies of up to 50 per cent.

The Amp Miser™ 2.0 belts feature cutting-edge tension members made of polyester and enhanced Texglide™ technology. As a result, the friction between the underside of the belt and the slider bed (therefore the energy consumption) are much lower. Compared with conveyor belts that have standard underside fabrics, up to 50 per cent of the energy required for power transmission can be saved in applications with long conveyors and heavy loads.

The Texglide™ finish on the underside fabric is an integral component of the Amp Miser™ belts and doesn’t rub off. The low friction coefficient is permanent. Second generation Amp Miser™ types are therefore ideal for use on galvanised slider beds.

AMP MISER conveyor belt